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Weekly Internet Roundup: Kevin James, Girl Math, and Britney's Knives

Also, TJ Mack goes global.
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'Woman Shouting Knives' Memes Range From Very Spicy To Very Stupid

Words hurt.
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Funny meme saying licked candy canes are sharper than knives.
Via chizpliz

Nobody Loves Me

Funny relatable meme as a response to when your friends don't invite you to something and say they didn't think you'd want to go: a knife holder that looks like a man - so the man looks stabbed. The idea is that your friends hurt you by not inviting you.
Via ducktardx

It's a Surprise Stabbing!

trolling memes surprise her knives
Via xtesla

But Is It Sharp?

gifs mindwarp knives - 8570357504
Created by anselmbe

Birthdays Are Not for the Weak

Via Safely Endangered

Um, Excuse You

knives toys - 8315916032

Now That's a Knife

Hilarious GIF of various size switch-blades from very small, to regular, to super oversized which is the funniest one.
Created by anselmbe

We've All Had That Roommate

Via The Frumps

The One Thing They Won't Tell You About the Apple Watch

Via Pandy Land

The Same Thing Happened to Me

Via Cutbu

The Apple Watch's Most Dangerous Issue

Via Pandy Land

TFW You Accidentally Throw a Knife At Yourself

ouch knives FAIL gifs - 8484988416
Created by anselmbe

The Thrill of the Hunt

Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Spoilers Suck More Than Getting Stabbed

Via Uber Tool Comic
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