Super-Mom and Crafty Artist Knits an Entire House (You Read That Correctly), Creating the Coolest, Coziest Playhouse of All Time

Super-Mom and Crafty Artist Knits an Entire House (You Read That Correctly), Creating the Coolest, Coziest Playhouse of All Time

In California, rent would be $2500/month in this place
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A compilation of memes about knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and sewing

Knitting & Crocheting Memes For Proud Yarn Hoarders

Knitting and crocheting are some of the coolest hobbies somebody can have. Unlike joining adult sports leagues or endlessly consuming TV shows, you actually have something to show for your hobby when you knit or crochet. The amount of granny squares, beer coolers, or scarves you can gift your friends and family means that you will never have to buy a real present again. There's something so uniquely fulfilling about creating something with your own hands that can rarely be replicated in any oth…
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woman accidentally captures her reaction to the red wedding scene from Game of Thrones

Woman Accidentally Captures Her Horrified Reaction to Seeing the ‘Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Scene for the First Time While Just Trying to Make Wholesome DIY Holiday Gift Video

It started as any wholesome craft video, showing off the end of the yarn piece she was making for a Christmas gift. Her big mistake, however, was thinking ‘Game of Thrones’ was the kind of show you can just having playing in the background and not pay attention to…
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Crochet TikTok: It's Addictive and Will Ruin You

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Crochet TikTok: You'll Become Hooked and It Will Ruin You

Warning: This WILL become an obsession.
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arts and crafts, crafts, crafting memes, memes, funny memes, knitting, sewing, crochet, relatable memes, wholesome memes, funny, wholesome, artists | Michaels Hi, there. Is there project working on? Michaels know more than All right. Ron Swanson Parks and Rec | BEDROOM KITCHEN BATH CRAFT ROOM floor plans of a house with giant craft room

40+ Crafty Memes & Tweets For Creative Souls

Knot your average memes
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Funny twitter thread about Dan Sheehan ordering a sweater and receiving knitting materials and yarn, funny tweets and puns about knitting | tweet by ltsDanSheehan Losing my mind because ordered thought very affordable wool sweater like Chris Evans Knives Out obviously Norwegian website and got raw materials necessary create said sweater myself. they ikead sweater oh my god fucking dying at this Or dyeing

Accidental Yarn Purchase Inspires Hilarious Pun-Filled Twitter Thread

Darn it.
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hipser millennials

28 Cringey Times Hipsters Reached Peak Millennial

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Funny grandma photoshoot, yarn.

This 'Grandma: Gone Wild' Photoshoot Is Hilarious Wholesome Goodness

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Oh It's On

Caption that reads, "When your arthritis pills kick in and you can finally start knitting again" above a pic of an old lady wearing Hulk hands

Who Is Playing Who?

art knitting animals - 9026768384
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We've Gone Too Far

knitting - 8749035520

When You Realize It's Only Tuesday

girl knits herself into red lump
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booty hilarious knitting Sexy Ladies wtf - 5743853312
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mario knitting - 62644993

This Takes Some Serious Dedication

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Knitting Level: Master

IRL knitting amazing - 7997820672
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Knit One, Murder Two

knitting funny - 7707148800
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