Got 'Em

Funny twitter exchange about girl whose sister told her that the paper with kisses (chocolate) is edible, gets pranked again by person responding | when i was a kid my sister told me that the paper strip thats in the chocolate kisses where edible and i ate them w the chocolate for like a year. they are !!! wait for real?? why would you believe in this again
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Coming For Ya

Funny meme about kissing cats.
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Overly Affectionate Cat Comes on a Little Too Strong

gif overly affectionate cat comes on too strong
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gifs puppies kisses - 8581048832
Created by Chris10a

If Lady And The Tramp Were Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs gifs kisses critters cute - 8573347584
Created by Unknown

Klumsy Kitten Kissies

so cute kisses kitten animals - 8508776960
Created by ToolBee

Reciprocal Love

gifs kisses critters horses - 8478272768
Created by Unknown

Bad Romance

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I Refuse Your Human Kisses

gifs kisses critters cute pugs - 8447758592
Created by Unknown

No Thanks

Created by Unknown

Shiba Doesn't Want Any Kisses

dogs gifs kisses nope shiba inus - 8316776704
Created by Unknown

Your Kiss Will Not Cure My Anxiety

dogs kisses nope GIS shiba inus - 8316774656
Created by Unknown

Ok, That's Enough, I'm Tired

gifs kisses tired Cats - 8312988160
Created by Unknown

Seal Kisses

gifs kisses seals critters - 8312991488
Created by Unknown

Guess They Just Watched Spiderman

gifs kisses Spider-Man Cats - 8273684224
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Nice Try on The Awkward Kiss, Ace

Awkward gifs kisses - 8248748800
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