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'Sup, Jong-un? Don't Want to Play Anymore?

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Suck It, Kim Jong-un!

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"Communism Has Never Been Tried," They Said...

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kim jong un photoshop battle

Photoshop Battle of the Day: Kim Jong-un at a Lube Factory

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We Can Work It Out With a Little Help From This Knockoff Phone Case

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He's Soon to Let Them Slip

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I'm Coming for You, Seth Rogen!

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Mmm Mmm, Bro...

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Take the Easy Way

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Results to Die For!

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Eternal Sadness

Sad kim jong-un twinkies funny - 7960653568

Just Kim Jong Un Things

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North Korea's Secret Weapon

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Kim Jong G'un'p

Forrest Gump kim jong-un North Korea funny - 7470158592
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Kim Jong-Un Testing Out North Korean Pistols

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Wrong Way to War

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