Such Wholesome Times

Funny meme about how the '70s had many incidences of serial killers and Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Boomer: Nowday there is nothing but rage and violence, I'm glad I've grown up in the 70s The 70s:
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme, pun meme, killer whales, killer whale, orca, tanks.
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When Your Need Something To Really Bring Out the Dead Look in Your Eyes

barber killer - 8821894912
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Getting Healthy and Uncovering Truths

gps ted cruz zodiac killer Getting Healthy and Uncovering Truths
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Can You Do Me a Flavor and Lighten Up?

image guy fieri zodiac killer Can You Do Me a Flavor and Lighten Up?
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Guys Fall For Her

gifs babes killer - 8400380928
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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

csi killer - 7715897344
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charity killer - 3452544768
See all captions By ChynnaHall

He's On General Mills' Personal Watch List

spoon literalism homophone double meaning killer cereal - 6695877632
By xyzpdq1

I Totally Called That One

dead horror movie killer phone calls Pie Chart - 6484962304
By Ass_Kicker

Safety First

door house killer lock Memes safety - 6456070656
By Valenka

Colgator, For White Killer Teeth

killer teeth wtf - 5816871424
By butterflyperception

So Close

horror killer wtf - 6373781248
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Sounds Familiar

killer Memes overly attached girlfrien overly attached girlfriend - 6357957888
By Callie06

Texting 911

911 autocorrect killer Rage Comics talk text - 6311155200
By Jeff G (thrash) (Via GTMAM)


bees diagram double meaning killer literalism - 6174309120
By Serrena (Via Fashionably Geek)
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