A compilation of memes about American Psycho and Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman Memes For American Psycho Superfans

I have to return some videotapes
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Article about Twitter discourse regarding SpongeBob's once unacknowledged kill list.

Guy Exposes Spongebob's Kill Count In Shocking Twitter Thread

Spongebob is a wacky little cartoon character; He's an absolute hoot, and he surely hasn't killed a guy , right? Well, I've got some bad news for you. Being on TV for 23 years has allowed SpongeBob to get into every situation imaginable. This includes vehicular manslaughter and 2nd-degree murder. While most fans take SpongeBob's criminal record no more seriously than they'd take Eric Cartman's, some fans were deeply upset about the sea sponge's portrayal.
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He's Always Watching

Funny meme that reads, "Your chances of getting killed by a cow are low, but never zero" above a photo of a cow looking in through a window
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But The Fat Boi Is So Cute

Caption that reads, "A message to my enemies" above a pic of a cute little bird on top of a mouse it killed
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spooky memes, halloween, skeletons.

28 Spooky Memes For People Craving Halloween

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My People Need Me

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hilarious instructions kill suicide twilight - 5463713792
Created by Narugetsu

Fair Trade

help kill - 7703716608
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

I Want to Kill It All

computer soon table flip computer kill bsod - 6688705024
Created by Unknown


cat Death kill moon SOON - 6576434944
Created by adelmaiden ( Via Tumblrton )

Making the Hard Choices

choices FPS gameplay kill - 6499885824
Created by masterfeja

Badass Bruce Lee

bruce lee grenade kill Memes - 6441619968
Created by PetePete

Future Exterminator

IRL kill mouse truancy story - 6440293376
Created by Unknown

The Truth About The Sims

Chart kill PC The Sims - 6372447488
Created by Unknown

Seems Too Good to Be True

Anti-Joke Chicke anti joke chicken batman family kill liam neeson - 6371429888
Created by Knappe

Video Games: Gooby Pls

duck hunt kill meme nintendo video games - 6250051072
Created by Ploopy11
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