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It Will Be YUGE

Caption that reads, "Swedish TV accidentally puts subtitles from a kid's show over a political debate, and it's brilliant" above a pic of a politician on TV saying, "I will build the best sand castle in the galaxy"
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'Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves' Is A Hilarious Meme Straight From Your Childhood

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Lol What A Dumb Idea

Picture of Spongebob on TV with the caption, "Lol WTF they gave that meme a show"

He's Seen Some Sh*t

Pic of Thomas the Tank Engine with the caption, "It was time for Thomas to leave, he had seen everything"
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Why Yes I Do

Pic of a Teletubby walking around with the caption, "Do you ever walk to the beat of your music in public and think you look really cool but you probably just look like this"
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spongebob debate

The Internet Is Fiercely Debating Whether Spongebob Is A Sea Sponge Or A Dish Sponge

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Something We Can All Agree On!

Meme of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying that both sides hate Caillou
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Kinda Makes You Want To Punch A Brick Wall, Doesn't It?

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