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'Shrek 5' Confirmed, Internet Rejoices

After over a decade, the day has finally arrived. Internet users can now lay down their arms, even if just for a momentary truce, and celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite ogre. Shrek 5 has been confirmed. While it’s still in early development, the entire voice cast ( Mike Myers , Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz) have expressed their interest and intention to return to the Dreamworks franchise for a fifth film. Eddie Murphy even went as far as to suggest a Donkey spinoff. Many of us never…
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Hilarious Retold Version Of 'Mulan' Re-Imagines Captain Li Shang As A Gay Man

Alternate Version Of 'Mulan' Re-Imagines Captain Li Shang As A Gay Man

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Look At The Sun

Funny meme that reads, "When you're about to sneeze but you gotta concentrate to make it happen" above images of Sully from Monsters Inc
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And Now We Have Staff Meetings

Funny meme that reads, "Fishes crawling out of water 460 years ago" above a still from the movie Ice Age where a character says, "Fin will be leg"
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Funny dank memes from the animated movie "The Road to El Dorado" entitled, "Tulio and Miguel Lying to Chief Tannabok" | My mom and mailman saying they were only wrestling who watches WWE daily but has never seen those moves | @memebase trying convince huge spider on wall not disappear turn my back spider

Fourteen Dank Memes From 'The Road To El Dorado' About Lying Unconvincingly

Who else remembers this movie?
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme that reads, "When you order 12 things at once on Amazon but only get one shipping notification" above a still of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove saying, "Oh yeah, it's all coming together"
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Teachers, Amirite?

Funny meme that reads, "When you forget to turn the projector on" above image panel meme of Gru from 'Despicable Me' looking at a blank projector
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Funny sank memes entitled, "Thanks, Satan" from the Disney movie 'Wreck It Ralph' | Homeboy is dressed up as Grim Reaper going around telling people breaking quarantine rules go home. Thanks, Satan. | Furries Raise Over $17,000 Australian Bushfire Relief ame at lime Thanks, Satan,

Sixteen Memes That Thank Satan For Ironic Good Deeds

Dank memes from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph!
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Funny dank memes from The Incredibles featuring Mr. Incredible saying, "Shut the fuck up. Please shut the fuck up" | siblings walk around house singing tiktok songs @thebigfunny shut fuck up -please shut fuck un | Celebrity 48 minutes ago Cardi B says she wants go back school and possibly run Congress

Fifteen Annoyed 'Incredibles' Memes About Shutting The Eff Up

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Funny and strange dank memes about the internet's hatred over 'Ice Age Baby' | pupil eye can expand as much as 55% while looking at something love man with no eyes | south park: Ice age baby exists Literally everyone: Kick baby

The Internet Is Meme-ing Its Bizarre Hatred For Ice Age Baby

If you're lost on this meme trend, don't worry 'cause so are we.
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Funny Dank memes from the movie 'Minions 2' entitled "Yes, I am Pretty Despicable" gru as a young boy with hair and wearing his signature striped scarf | 9-year old logging into Club Penguin without my parents' permission | super mario video game

Fifteen Dank 'Despicable Me'-mes From 'Minions 2'

This meme is straight outta Minions 2
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Funny dank memes entitled from the movie 'Meet the Robinsons,' entitled, "Good Day Gentlemen, I am here to change the future" animated man with a mustache dressed in a cape and a black top hat | People 1687: Levitating and'having good time Isaac Newton: Good day, gentlemen. I am here change future.

'Good Day, Gentlemen' Is An Ominous Dank Meme From 'Meet The Robinsons'

It's Bowler Hat Guy!
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Funny memes where veterans explain classic Disney movies

Veterans Explain Disney Movies For A Twisted Take On The Classics

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So. Bored.

Funny meme that reads, "You ever get so bored at work that you actually start doing your job" above a still of Mr. Incredible working at a desk
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funny shrek memes

17 Shrek Memes That'll Make Your Brain Smart But Your Head Dumb

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'Years Of Academy Training Wasted' Is The Newest 'Toy Story' Meme On The Market

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