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An article about the Twitter beef between director Jordan Peele and cartoonist Adam Ellis over whether Peele is the greatest horror director of all time.

Jordan Peele Rejects Fans Claim That He's The Greatest Horror Director Of All Time

There's a reason people tell you never to meet your heroes . Your favorite actors, comedians, and directors will always be a worse version of what you build them up as in your mind. Many celebrities live in their fans' consciousness as not only perfect artists but also perfect people. Even when you feel you're giving your favorite artist the praise and accolades they deserve, they might take that as creepy, too much, or just plain wrong. The third case is what happened this week between former…
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Funny 'Key & Peele' video showing sports commentators at a basketball game reporting honestly

This 'Key & Peele' Sketch Shows What Would Happen If Sports Commentators Were Being Totally Honest

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Key and Peele Video politics - 83123201

Keegan-Michael Key Forecasts an Apocalypse If Trump Becomes President

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Key and Peele comedy central menstruation Video - 72731393

Who Better to Explain Menstruation Than Key & Peele?

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Key and Peele comedy central nfl super bowl football Video - 68297729

Key & Peele Are Back With a Special Edition of the East/West College Bowl: The East/West Pro Bowl!

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Key and Peele comedy central nfl super bowl football Video - 67986433

Key & Peele Definitely Know How Dumb NFL Pregame Segments Can Be

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Key and Peele sexy times funny dating advice Video - 58409217

How to Please Your Lady... Down There...

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football nfl sports Key and Peele videos - 57292033

Lance Moore Does the McCringleberry Touchdown Dance

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Excessive Celebration IRL

Key and Peele IRL football - 7897793024
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Every Time I Watch Breaking Bad

aaron paul breaking bad Key and Peele - 7803842560
Via Killadelphia
Key and Peele videos conan obrien football americana - 54688513

Key and Peele's Ridiculous Football Names Return

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anger Key and Peele sketch president barack obama election - 44206337

Obama's Anger Translator: Victory

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real Key and Peele electoral college vote pretend - 44174849

Dunk the Vote

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