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Compilation of tweets about Kylie Jenner's 3 Minute Flight Controversy

Best Tweets About Kylie Jenner's Three Minute Long Private Flights

Oh, the Kardashians.
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You Better Run

Headline about a caterpillar that eats plastic, above a meme of the Kardashians running away from it | These plastic eating caterpillars can help fight plastic pollution Floating Boy Chasing Running Boy
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Funny meme about the wheels on the shopping cart, pics of Scott Disick.
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kendall jenner roasted for giant red coat

Kendall Jenner's Massive Jacket Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Roasts

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kim kardashian photoshop parodies

Kim K's Latest Awkward Photoshoot Is Getting Brutally Roasted

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Funny memes and twitter reactions to the pregnancy announcements of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner.

All The Best Memes And Reactions To The Kardashian Triple Pregnancy

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