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Too Soon? Nah.

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Kate Pery is Lamonarty

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Sorry, Detroit

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Other Than Making The Best Meme of 2k15

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Yes, Buying Sapphire is the Right Choice

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There's No Larger Good Than You Own Happiness

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Those of Us Who Were Enamored With Katy Perry's Super Bowl Performance Would Be Wise to Remember This Ridiculous Lip Syncing Fail

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Thanks, NBC...

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The Halftime Show in a Nutshell

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Who Wore it Best?

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Who Wore it Best?

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Katy Perry Confirmed Power Ranger

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What Every Guy Watching the Super Bowl is Hoping For

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Katy Perry's Superbowl Halftime Show Song Has Leaked, and It's Dank as Hell

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Something On Your Shirt

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Time to Go!

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