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Jerk Boss Fires the Only Worker Who Can Operate Special Machine to Cover for Dude Who Keeps Breaking It

Do you ever think about all the infrastructure that holds society together and wonder what Big Industry looks like behind the scenes? Turns out every trade has its idiots who somehow got to run the show and hire their idiot friends and relatives to do dangerous and critical jobs. According to one redditor's lengthy (and captivating) tale of malicious compliance, the energy sector is no exception. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you probably shouldn't fire the only person who knows how…
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Clever Engineer Teaches Shady Client a Lesson When They Refuse to Pay

Do you pay an engineer for pressing buttons or do you pay an engineer for knowing which buttons to press? Definitely the latter, and some people learn that the hard way, like the sleazy customer in u/AwkLemon 's epic r/ProRevenge story. They thought they could get away with tricking a professional problem-solver into doing a day of free labor . They thought wrong.
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Karen Throws Drink On Freeway, Immediately Suffers The Consequences

Instant Karma
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Video of anti-masker Karen being arrested for refusing to leave a store because she wouldn't wear a mask

Police Arrest Aptly Named Anti-Mask "Karen" For Trespassing

Karma, baby.
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Homeowners destroy annoying neighbor for neglecting to pick up her dog's poop

Dude Puts Neighbor On Blast For Not Picking Up Her Dog's Poop

Karma's a you-know-what.
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'You Get What You Deserve' Is A Karmic 'Joker' Meme

You really do.
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These People Got The Satisfying Karma They Deserved

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Funny meme about man shooting self in the face after the bullet ricochets off of an armadillo, called "karmadillo."
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It's Practical

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Parking Karma Be Like

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Prank on Bike Thieves

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Dat Pizza Karma Comin' Full Circle, Man

pizza karma web comics - 8793101056
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The Mass Extinction of the Dinosaurs Was Brought on By Karma

web comics dinosaurs karma The Mass Extinction of the Dinosaurs Was Brought on By Karma
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What Goes Around Comes Around of The Day: Someone is Tweeting Every Page of The Fat Jew's New Book

What Goes Around Comes Around of The Day: Someone is Tweeting Every Page of The Fat Jew's New Book
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Karma is Swift and Sweet

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Instant Karma

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