Cringey entitled karen moments, karen memes, racism, entitlement, speak to the manager | Kelsey Follow This is appropriation, if white family dressed up as black characters they would get hate, racism works both ways O Follow Izanagi phnnyShady Bitch Simpsons are yellow. | @missiwimberly am So thankful businesses are opening back up. But this is had look at while got pedicure today. Apparently my feet are contagious s almost more depressing be an environment where people act afraid be touched

Criminally Cringey Karen Memes And Outbursts

Is it just us or are the 2020 s the decade of the Karen? It seems that this cursed year has somehow emboldened entitled women despite all the 'Karen' backlash that we're not ashamed to admit we've enjoyed. Between the coronavirus pandemic and recent protests against police brutality , every Karen has something to say. And it's usually a massively combination of offensive , entitled, and ignorant garbage. This mix of Karen content covers all of those bases - with a few memes thrown in for a ligh…
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Reddit post about crazy Karen who demands person gets out of elevator for her and her seven children

Crazy Karen Demands Everyone Gets Out of Elevator to Make Room For Her 7 Children

The hallmark trait of a Karen is entitlement. Most Karen's wants to control every person around them, even if they is making the most demanding and absurd request. Not only do they believe the world revolves around them, but they are going to ensure that everyone around them knows they think the world revolves around them and make it the public's problem. One of the worst breeds of Karen's are those who demand you inconvenience yourself for them and their spoiled rotten kids . They yell at rest…
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Funny and cringey moments of extreme entitlement from choosing beggars and crazy deluded karens | KAREN area. Jolly ranchers, Attention all parents suckers and smarties might be adequate less fortunate neighborhoods like Cicero and Oak Park but NOT here are WAY better than them and candy hand out on Halloween must reflect Costco has king size candy bars and suggest all stock up. My kids expect and deserve only best. See few days. Like Comment Share

Shameful and Sad Moments of Deluded Entitlement

For shame.
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A compilation of very good and funny memes

A Dump Of Memes Too Good To Go To The Landfill

You know that scene in Toy Story 3 when all of Andy's toys accept their deaths in the fiery pits of landfill hell before getting saved by those claw-obsessed little alien boys? Well, I sure do. That was my first exposure to the horror that is The Dump. The dump feels like a hypothetical location that you couldn't go to until you're swimming in the viscera of children's media. Who could forget Spongebob and Patrick dressed up as choice cuts while hanging out at The Dump, or Cartman convincing Bu…
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Article about a disabled woman who is harassed by a Karen for parking in handicapped spot

Karen Honks At Disabled Woman For Parking In Handicapped Spot

Not all disabilities are visible
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A Reddit thread about an Entitled Karen who demanded a woman stop exercising in a public park.

Entitled Karen Demands Women Stop Exercising In A Public Park

Karens have been around long before we labeled them as Karens . Everyone can agree that something about an entitled, impatient, cruel, boomer white woman drives nearly everyone up a wall. I'd say the absolute worst thing about Karens is the self-centeredness they seem to all possess. They perceive everything around them that they don't like as an intentional slight directed at them specifically. How they can blow up angrily at the most banal offense is baffling. They will literally become enrag…
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Funny memes, dank memes, memes for bartenders, bartending memes, humor

Bartending Memes For All the Saints Serving Up the Sauce

Being a bartender may seem like a glamorous and perk-filled gig to some people, but it's not everything it's cracked up to be. While it may seem fun and benevolent to be getting people drunk, the duty comes with the bonuses of semi-frequent vomit, belligerence, creepy guys, finger-snapping, and people who expect freebies. Even as a bartender in a restaurant, my clientele may have been politely seated at the bar, but the servers sending me tickets had no concept of the time it takes to make cock…
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karen, entitled, karens, wtf, stupid people, cringe, roast, memes, funny, schadenfreude, next door, facebook, twitter

Unhinged Karens & Their Egregious Displays of Entitlement

Karen, Karen, Karen . What are we going to do with you? Are you okay? What happened in your life to make you this angry? Let's try something out. I want you to close your eyes and take a deeeeeeeeeeeep deep deep deep ( deep) breath. Now imagine you've just arrived at your favorite brunch spot ten minutes before closing. The place is packed full of fellow Karens, but the host manages to find a table for you and your six friends. They could have declined to seat you, but they did anyway. Isn't th…
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Funny and cringey posts from Karens, best of nextdoor, social media, neighbors, neighborhood

Petty & Comedic Gems From Best of Nextdoor

Here in New York City we usually have too many neighbors to bother getting to know or communicate with anyone. Sure, there are a few neighborhood or block associations, but they're usually pretty insular. Nobody we know uses sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick “How ya doin?” or, when something messed up is happening, a quick complaining session on the sidewalk. This does not seem to be the case in the suburbs. We've come to this conclusion thanks to Best of Nextdoor Twitter…
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Funny twitter thread about working at a grocery store during the holidays, entitlement, funny, funny tweets | dylan morrison @dylan_thyme two years part team handled holiday orders at fancy~ grocery store where worked; last year ran encourage STAY HOME this season, here are some stories about some wild shit holidays seem drive people do! some these orders were raw meats turkeys, rib roasts, etc but most them were prepared meals, or raw meat and prepared sides save people having cook themselves

Twitter Thread Details the Insanity of Working at a Grocery Store During the Holidays

We really should all just stay home.
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Choosy beggars on the internet, karens get free pizza at dominos, covid-19, choosing beggars, entitled, entitlement | Today taking name Karen back Domino's is giving away free pizza people named Karen Karen don't like Domino's, though. | Sorry missed call Remind Message Decline Accept on my other line Feeeled any chance can get this free? if not then ill be taking my own life have until august 2, 4:30 PM EST

Ballsy Moments Of Extreme Entitlement

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Thread debates whether working in food service or retail is the worse job

People Debate Whether Food Service Or Retail is the More Toxic Gig

They both suck, let's be real.
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A gallery of funny and relatable memes about working in the customer service world, bad customers, working retail, Karens, seeing the manager

Customer Service Memes For Anyone in the Hellish Struggle

We see you
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Tolkien Tuesday, Lord of the rings, lord of the rings memes, relatable memes, dank memes, shitposts, evil x be like, funny, humor

Tolkien Tuesday #60: 35 Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

Precious memes...
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Nightmares from servers, bad jobs, restaurant work, server jobs, bad customers, nasty customers, rude people

15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

It's a very, very hard job.
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entitled, cringe, greedy, facebook, social media, choosy beggars, reddit, entitled people, cringeworthy, karens, yikes, toxic, funny, funny comments, facebook | Free Event- Solar Eclipse Party AUG. 21 1272 personer ar nreasersue 00293 35 kommentarer Gilla Kommentera Most kids go back school day. Can be done on weekend? Visa 3 tidigare svar Did this lady just ask reschedule sun? | whomever posted my status asking help on reddit, thanks making cry. Also NO ONE has sent any help form money or gifts

27 Greedy People Who Exposed Their Shameless Entitlement

When beggars try to be choosers
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