Frick Yeah Taco

Funny text message conversation describing how someone walked by a karate place where kids were wearing their Halloween costumes and they saw a taco beat up Kylo Ren
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martial arts karate Video - 75659265

That Adorable Karate Kid Was on Britain's Got Talent

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cute karate parenting Video win - 73373953

This Is Undoubtably The Most Adorable Little Boy To Break a Board In Taekwondo

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karate wii wtf - 4419373824
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This Guy Can Kick It

kicks gifs punching karate - 8484976640
By Unknown

How to Dunk a Basketball

sports gifs karate basketball dunk - 8469014528
By sebenty

You Picked The Wrong Person to Mug

ouch thieves FAIL gifs punching karate ladies - 8391413248
By tamaleknight

Expert Level Kick Throw

gifs kicks flips karate - 8255215104
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Some Fast Feet

kicking twerking karate funny - 8293013248
By Unknown

Thats Not a Kick, This is a Kick

kicks gifs martial arts karate win - 8218403328
By ToolBee

The Quickest Karate Match of All Time

gifs kicks karate - 8198323712
By Unknown

Well, At Least You Knocked Them Over

FAIL gifs karate - 8185122816
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One Kick Takes Your Opponent Down

kick FAIL mindwarp gifs karate - 8185139456
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What Usually Happens When You Open a Package

karate package styrofoam - 8163672576
By Unknown

The Almighty One

jesus karate - 8146346752
By APShark
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