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Kanye is Kanye's grandma

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That One Time Kanye Tried to Borrow Money from Tony Stark

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Kanye West Debuts His Video Game Trailer for 'Only One' at E3, Paying Homage to His Deceased Mother

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This Sports Report Filled With Kanye Puns Might Be the Greatest Themed Sports Report of All Time

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Who's Spongebob's Favorite Hip Hop Artist? Well That Would Be Kanye Weast

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Still Kanye

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Patiently, We Await the Day...

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Found the Perfect Anniversary Cake

twitter kanye west cake Found the Perfect Anniversary Cake
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This Woman Couldn't Get a Date on Tinder, Even When She Communicated Only in Kanye Quotes

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I Ain't Sayin She a Gold Digger, Cause I'm Broke AF...

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kanye sleeping photoshop

Kim Posted an Embarrassing Sleeping Picture of Kanye and the Internet Made It Even Better With Photoshop

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With a Little Hard Work, You Can Attain the American Dream

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What Did I Expect?

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Perhaps It Is You Who is the Gold Digger, Ye

kanye west gold digger broke
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Man's Best Friend Has Nothing on the World's Most Influential Artist, or Whatever He's Calling Himself

craigslist troll selling dog for kanye
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Pizza Hut is Trying to Troll Kanye by Suggesting He Work for Them to Address His Debt Issues

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