kanye west

Mom Pleeeeeaase?

Still from 'I Love it' music video where Kanye West represents 'me' and Lil Pump represents 'My friend asking my mom is I can stay the night at his house because she will say no if I ask"
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You Know Kanye Had To Do It To 'Em

Headline that reads, "Kanye Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team"
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Gotta Throw In That Disclaimer

Pic of Kanye West shrugging his shoulders under the caption, "When you giving someone advice but you gotta finish with 'but Idk tho' in case it ruins their life"
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Why Can't The Microwave Just Do Its Goddamn Job

Pic of Kanye West looking irritated under the caption, "When your food sounds like WWII in the microwave, but still comes out cold"
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Funny meme about people who don't know that snoop dogg is a rapper., twitter.
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Very Cool Indeed

Donald Trump tweeting "very cool" to a picture Kanye drew
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