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Adequate Memes Made Of Words And Images

What is a meme , really? Memes used to be a particular series of image macros that took over internet culture during the 2000s. These days, however, a meme is a much broader way of categorizing online content. Does a meme have to be made up of pictures and text? Must it be something that can be replicated in different forms, like how Bad Luck Brian was a consistent image with different white text every time? Does a meme belong to everyone or the person who created it? Is there any ethical way t…
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twitter kanye kanye west roast funny - 5417221

Kanye Just Announced His Lame New Yeezy Slides And The Internet Is Definitely Not Here For It

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Bound 2 Be an Improvement on The Original Video

kanye sloths web comics - 7940828672
Via Gone Into Rapture

Wind: How Does it Work?

wind Music kanye - 7910100736

They know it. We know it.

Jay Z kanye rich - 6518717184
Created by Unknown

Sherlock Bones

kanye kids Memes Sherlock television wishbone - 6018250240

Imma Let You Finish, But Kanye Is the Greatest of All Time

amazing best of week kanye kanye west Music - 5509747456

Yo Occupy Wallstreet

kanye libya Occupy Wall Street people protests - 5451901184
Created by Unknown

Anything but Friday, Really

finish FRIDAY interrupting kanye Rebecca Black saturday - 5359824896
Created by blaqman

I'm Gonna Let You Finish... No, Really

finish interrupt kanye katy perry Memes taylor swift - 5148280576
Via peetaah

Love the Way You Lie

beyoncé imma let you finish kanye Omegle rihanna - 5069106944
Created by nyan.x128

Y U No Let Taylor Finish!?

holidays justin bieber kanye Music taylor swift Y U No Guy - 4897131008
See all captions Created by COPY CAT

Kanye Always Falls for That

GEICO insurance kanye - 4774537728
Created by OctagonalNumber


booty celebutard kanye Sexy Ladies - 4724353024
Created by Efari


chris brown Insanity Wolf kanye Tiger Woods your mom - 4433961728
See all captions Created by Serpentia


interrupting justin bieber kanye Y U No Guy - 4178945024
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