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22 Times Accidental Googling Led To Unexpected Delights

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G'day Mate

Funny meme where someone asks for a sexy photo because they are in the mood, the person they are sending sends a photo of a kangaroo standing in front of a bathroom mirror.
Via mememang
ufc kangaroo Memes Video - 773124

Of Course Someone on the Internet Edited That Video of a Guy Punching a Kangaroo to Include Conor McGregor

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That one friend

kangaroo - 8984852736
Via sonoanthony

Reasons Australia is Terrifying Number 34509685302

scary ripped kangaroo
Via The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

A Little More Bounce Than I Was Expecting

gif of kangaroo on a trampoline
Via 4gifs
golf kangaroo Video - 75700737

Kangaroo Starts a Wild Chase When Golfers Try to Play in His Area

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hilarious kangaroo photoshop real - 4791660032
See all captions By WAFFLE608

Stupid Human....

kangaroo punch camera - 7154912512
By shimmyfab

Kangaroo Shreds On Their Air Guitar

gifs kangaroo critters - 8506956800
By Unknown

This Kangaroo is Going to Work at Chippendales

wtf gifs kangaroo critters muscles - 8500765696
By Unknown

Body Builder Roo

gifs kangaroo critters muscles - 8478409472
By ToolBee

That Poor Bunny

wtf kangaroo bunny funny - 8478287104
By Unknown

Wobbly Roo Baby

kangaroo cute animals - 8341159424
By ani.s4

Meanwhile in Australia...

animals boxing fighting gifs kangaroo - 8339663872
Via Rodney Langham

His Name Must Be Joey

baby kangaroo funny - 8271404288
By Unknown
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