Homeowners destroy annoying neighbor for neglecting to pick up her dog's poop

Dude Puts Neighbor On Blast For Not Picking Up Her Dog's Poop

Karma's a you-know-what.
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dank you get what you deserve joker memes, joaquin phoenix, joker yelling at murray during talk show | Tesco shoppers 'boycott' store after bans cat who has been long-time regular CATS get fucking deserve! Where do want eat? GF don't care choose Let's get Chinese food GF about something else get fucking deserve

'You Get What You Deserve' Is A Karmic 'Joker' Meme

You really do.
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Mom denies babysitter payment after agreeing upon $16/hour payment, babysitter takes mom to court and wins.

Cheapskate Mom Denies Babysitter Promised Pay, Gets Owned And Taken To Court

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Instagram 'Influencer' Gets Her Just Desserts After Demanding Free Wedding Photography

Instagram 'Influencer' Gets Her Just Desserts After Demanding Free Wedding Photography

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cover image of a woman who is mad at a business

Insufferable Lady Gets Promptly Denied After Demanding Free Sh*t

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FAIL Blog justice FAIL trolling win - 1620997

Guy Delivers Sweet Justice When a Rude Woman Lets Her Dog Relieve Itself in the Middle of an Airport

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customer service justice list - 1318917

Take a Moment to Live Vicariously Through These People Who Were Willing to Get Fired for Standing up to a Bad Customer

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A Glimpse at the Other Side of Justice...

Via piecomic

I'd be More Worried About Yours, Passive Aggressive Note Guy

thief tastes sriracha replaced with hotter sauce
justice IRL - 76985601

Citizen Justice of the Day: Guy Catches Package Thief in the Act, Makes Him Sit and Wait for the Cops

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You Won't Believe Who the Last Handful of People Who Seriously Oppose Equality Are

justice gay marriage sad but true web comics - 8431814656
Via Alter Net

You Can't Handle the Truth

justice lies crime web comics - 8551742464
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Justice Has Been Served

stolen justice facebook thief - 6906072576
By Unknown


gay rights hilarious justice liberty logo - 5824545024
By charybdis1618033

Justice Will Continue to Hound The Guilty

Via Extra Fabulous Comics

If The Justice System Actually Worked

Via Tubey Toons
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