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Do Ittt

Tumblr caption that reads, "Voter registration" where there are checkboxes below that read, "Democratic party," "Republican party" and "Mario party;" someone comments below "Don't forget to register to vote!"
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Oh Darn!

Caption reads, "Nike's reaction to people destroying Nike products they've already paid for" above a pic of Squidward sunbathing and blatantly not caring
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Nike's Ad Campaign With Colin Kaepernick Has The Internet Reacting In All Sorts Of Ways

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Life's Too Short To Say No To Ice Cream

Tweet that reads, "Body type: not bad but DEFINITELY doesn't know how to say no to soft serve ice cream on a summer night"
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Is That a Threat or a Warning?

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Just Do It, Maybe, I Guess

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Not Gonna Do It

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He's So Majestic

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Scumbag Nike

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