dank christian memes about god and satan

17 Dank Christian Memes That'll Make You Want To Confess All Your Sins

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Nothing Worse Than A Close-Talker

Funny meme about Judas never giving anyone (jesus) personal space, 4 different paintings where his face is pressed against someone else's.
Via classicalfuck

Do Not Betray Me, Judas

Babies betrayal jesus judas painting Rage Comics watching you - 5537633024

We Got a Judas Over Here

Badass jesus judas pictures - 5540499456

Still in Love With Gouda, Baby

buddha gouda judas lady gaga Memes - 4821114112
Created by Sabachthani

Socially Awkward Penguin: Put On Your Poker Face

church judas lady gaga poker face socially awkward penguin the bible - 4792131840
See all captions Created by XxReenaLegendxX