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20+ Posts with Funny Plot Twists and Unexpected Punchlines

Hold up...
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funny responses to viral tiktok video of cracked egg underwater

"Mmm Land Caviar": Viewers Respond Hilariously to TikTok Diver Who Accidentally Feeds Raw Egg to a Fish

TikToker @shangerdanger posts wholesome videos of himself and his partner diving in the ocean cleaning up, looking at shells, or just hanging out with cute little sea creatures. Recently, however, the TikTok creator heard somewhere that if you cracked an egg at the bottom of the ocean “something crazy happens.” The video shoes him cracking the egg and it floats around with him and then at the end, he gets trolled by a little fish. @shangerdanger My egge friend ❤️🥚 ♬ original sound - CEO of the…
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funny tiktoks

Hilarious TikToks to Get You Through Your Day

Just try not to laugh.
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Witty Tweets From the Jokesters of Twitter

Only the good stuff from Twitter
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Brilliant Patter From the Best of Scottish Twitter

Cannae do better than the Scots when it comes to funny banter
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Literal-Brained People Who Were Wooshed by Stupid Memes

Right over their heads
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20+ Incredulous People Falling For Satire

C'mon guys
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humor jokes procrastination funny memes dank memes Memes boredom nerdy memes funny - 16001541

A Funky Bunch of Memes for Feckless Procrastinators

Why does relaxing, lounging, and just getting some much-needed R&R make us feel kind of, well, guilty? The people who assign our responsibilities and command society are always whispering in our ears and telling us that everyone should be super busy - whether the business is due to employment, partying, or even just milling about feeling important. Despite what they may tell you, or want you to believe, we all deserve to spend our free time the way we want to. If you desire to eating junk food…
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Funny memes and tweets, puns, dad jokes, dad humor

Groanworthy Memes for Dad Humor Appreciators

They're unforgivable
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Funny memes, random memes, dank memes, lol, humor

A Mix of Memes and Tweets For Nerds and Normies Alike

A little of everything.
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30+ Times TikTok Comments Were Better Than The App

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20+ Top-Tier Tweets From the Best of Twitter

Twitter's a comedy goldmine
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Funny memes and jokes that are technically true.

Technically True Memes & Jokes That We Really Can't Argue With

Pretty damn accurate.
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30+ Top-Tier Tweets from Twitter's Finest Tweeters

Twitter can be a pretty exciting gossip-machine full of complicated beef and endless threads of strangers trying to prove each other wrong. As titillating as the realtime Twitter drama often is, sometimes it's nice to remember the website's humble beginnings, where people went to offer innocuous bitesized shower thoughts to the internet. We've collected some of our favorite recent Tweets that feel like those good ol' Twitter days of dumb jokes and funny observations.
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funny, prank, jokes, funny tweets, viral tweets, twitter memes, twitter thread, lol, deathbed

Deathbed Prank Idea Sparks Funny Reactions & Memes

What an epic way to go out
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Fun-Sized Jokes From The Best of Twitter

High quality stuff fresh from the bird app
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