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Fresh and Funny Tweets From the Silly Gooses of Twitter (November 30, 2022)

Well. It's happened. I've gone and contracted Covid-19 again. It started small - with a little scratch in my throat and a low cough. Every year, without fail, I'll get sick with some flu or sinus matter, and then it always turns into bronchitis. So I thought I was cool. But no. I'm stuck in my room typing away with the piddling amount of strength I have left, fighting off the fever and phlegm. Lovely, right? Anyway. When I'm sick as a dog, most of the joy that is derived from everyday life gets…
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A Box of Mixed-Up Memes and Things

Ah, yes, it's another beautiful day on the incomparable internet. And if we're being completely honest, we are feeling just a little bit demoralized. It is far from easy to be chained to your computer when all the news seems to be negative. There's no way to mince words regarding the defeat we feel about the agony we feel. Going about day-to-day life is extremely difficult when you're trying to make sense of senseless violence, and complete disregard for the state of the planet. Climate change,…
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A Satchel of Silly Memes For Scrolling Purposes

It's truly impressive how many people will complain about content they've completely elected to engage with. They click a link that says " Random Memes " or something similar and then they whine that they're not to their liking. Well, guess what? Not everyone likes the same exact kind of memes, and as someone who spends time selecting these moderately funny tidbits, I can tell you with complete certainty, that there's is absolutely no way anyone can make everyone happy. If people think the meme…
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Funny Tweets From Twitter's Masters of Brevity

Twitter is like an uber-productive and relatively consistent joke factory. It's true that some of the time it churns out some real annoying crap that we try to avoid, but we can usually find some clever jokes, hot takes, and surprisingly astute shower thoughts at any point while doomscrolling through the app. Globally, there are over 206 million people who use Twitter daily , so the constant flow of content can feel kind of daunting, but that's why we curate some of the funniest and freshest tw…
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Wrestling and Wrestler Memes For Long-Time Wrestling Fanatics

I really miss wrestling. I know, I know. Technically it's still around, but there was something about the eras of Hulk Hogan , Ric Flair, and Macho Man Randy Savage that we yearn for bitter-sweetly. The colors, the pageantry. The hilarious feuds. It all came together in the perfect show of absolute stupidity. While we can still find videos on Youtube, another way to get the nostalgia going is by scrolling through Instagram and reddit. All the " wrasslin' memes" feature stills of all our favorit…
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twitter thread with cat puns and animal puns | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cat Damon @CornOnTheGoblin ... [telling a joke to a classroom] what does a cowboy cat say? kindergartener: kitty up [about to say meowdy] meo- what the f ck did you just say 5:01 AM - Aug 11, 2022 - Twitter for Android 11.4K Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 112.8K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Kindergartener Outwits Teacher With Purrfect Cat Pun Plus Other Animal Puns

Rightfully stumped.
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Clever Cuss-Free Insults From the Poets of Reddit

A good insult is a beautiful thing, and anyone who has spent some time on Reddit knows that many patrons of the infamous website understand the art of the roast. One user recently asked the people of Reddit to share their favorite cuss word-free insults, and boy did r/AskReddit deliver. We've put together a collection of some of our favorite rude remarks from the entertaining thread.
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Fresh Tweets We Stole From the Hellscape of Twitter (November 15, 2022)

Greetings, friends. We're back with another jam-packed gallery of fresh and mostly-funny tweets. Which is, for once in our lives, saying something, because the bird app has been worse than ever. Between misinformation about the situation in Iran, Elon Musk being Elon Musk, and the recent elections, sh*t is looking pretty damn bleak. If it weren't for the funny people who still churn out jokes on the site, we'd have been gone a long, long time ago. Today's batch of Twitter treats features the ob…
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A compilation of whoosh moments, or times where people didn't get the joke.

Embarrassing Times People Didn't Get The Joke

When communicating with strangers on the Internet, it's often difficult to gauge whether someone is being serious or joking. That's a big part of the reason why tone indications are so popular with Gen Z. For the uninitiated, tone indicators are little acronyms someone might put after a question or comment online to indicate whether they're being genuine (/gen), joking (/j), or teasing (/t). I will admit that sometimes tone indicators can get a little out of hand. Does one really need to say, “…
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Funny Posts With Plot Twists and Unexpected Punchlines

Hold up...
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Some of the Funniest Ways to Harmlessly Mess With People

Everyone loves a good prank.
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20+ Times TikTok Comments Were Better Than The App

TikTok isn't for everyone, and it's the sort of app you're either obsessed with or repelled by. It's hard to be a casual TikTok dabbler (trust us, we've tried and failed). Even when you're blessed with a 'for you page' that isn't just an endless feed of insufferable cringe, the chaotic app itself tends to overwhelm the fragile senses of those who don't live on the internet. It's too bad, because just like all other social networks, there's some real hidden gems in the comment section. But thank…
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A Random Bunch of Memes Filled With Funny Randomness

Oh yeah, it's Friday baybay. But does that really matter? The older I get, the less excitement Friday brings. Sure, I can go out and party until 4am without much consequence (like, I won't get fired), but I will also almost certainly feel like utter shit and accomplish none of my personal responsibilities. Moaning and groaning my way through Saturday, and then doing it again as some sort of sick hair of the dog, just sounds…terrible. This means the weekend is just relegated to chores and chill…
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Funny comments by people who didn't understand satire | K JK Rowling stands Karen. 9:33 am 07 Jun 20 Twitter Web App O50 839 281 Comments 102 Shares O Like Comment Share WRONG Her middle name is Kathleen. Do some research before posting anything on Internet! Also don't believe every single thing on Internet! | HERO4 GoPro THEHARDTIMES.NET Strapped GoPro On Bee See Why Bees Are Dying And Boy Did Find Out Quick Um? Bees are too small 's so fake 6m 1 like Reply

17 Times Oblivious People Didn't Get The Joke

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Fresh Tweets We Lovingly Collected From the Bird App (September 25, 2022)

Happy Sunday, freaks. Does anyone else feel the “ Sunday Scaries ” looming over their shoulder? I'd like to say it “couldn't be me,” but alas. Even when your job consists of staring at funny internet things, Monday isn't exactly a day I look forward to. Just an hour before I started typing this I was flabbergasted by the fact that it was already Sunday. Saturday was a blur of near-comatose recovery from the hell of the week before. Time flies when you're beaten down by existence. Anyway. If you…
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A Diverse Dump of Nerdy Memes

Greetings, nerds. Welcome to another day on the world wide web. While there's plenty to be seen and done on the internet, sometimes scrolling through a fat stack of memes is the most satisfying web-based activity. And if you're looking for some nerdy memes but don't want them to be too specific, you've come to the right place. These geeky memes boast a little bit of everything. If you like your D&D memes with a side of Star Wars references? We have got you covered. And if you happen to be looki…
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