Funny random twitter gems and tweets

Random Tweets For Quick and Easy Entertainment

Having a little bit of fun or wasting our time on the internet might seem like a simple feat for most internet enthusiasts, but it is actually a lot more complicated than one might believe. Boredom has a way of eroding our abilities to pursue intelligent activities, pastimes, and/or hobbies. It doesn't help that our attention spans have all but been reduced to nada. It is actually quite depressing - it's impossible for me to make it through a forty-minute television episode without feeling ants…
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Star Trek Memes For Discerning Trekkies (May 28, 2023)

Greetings, Trekkies. It's really no wonder Star Trek has so many loyal fans. Gene Roddenberry's visionary imagination birthed a universe that remains a beacon of progressiveness even to this day. From the pioneering original series to more recent, bold spinoffs Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds, these television (and cinematic) masterpieces have always championed characters and storylines that embody tolerance, curiosity, and peace. We really can't help but marvel at the vastness of t…
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Nerdy Memes That Mix Star Wars With The Lord of the Rings

Every week we churn out a hefty helping of memes inspired by (or featuring scenes from) The Lord of the Rings . Lately, we've been offering up the same for fans of Star Wars. Is it bold of us to assume that there's some overlap where their fans are concerned? Apparently not. In fact, we'd wager that these Star Wars / LOTR crossover memes count as pretty good proof. This particular mix of Tolkien-ized Star Wars memes mostly features characters and meme formats from the prequels, which makes sens…
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Star Wars Memes For Fans of Every Spinoff (May 27, 2023)

It's hard to dislike Star Wars. The original series has given birth to movies and series that are incredibly varied in nature. Even my most opinionated and snobby film friends can get behind Andor, and that's saying something. In this carefully curated gallery, we've assembled a collection of Star Wars memes that span from the original trilogy to the prequels, delivering a delightful blend of nostalgia and hilarity. We're willing to bet that this gallery, with its memes sourced from the depths…
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30+ History Memes For Internet Historians

Hey, did you know that the Gallipoli front during World War I was a total disaster? British veterans who were there called it one of the worst military campaigns ever. Crazy, right? I actually found out about it from some random history meme that I just had to Google. As it turns out, when the Brits weren't busy fighting the Ottoman Empire, they were dealing with swarms of flies from rotting bodies, running out of water, scorching heat, lice, dysentery, and not enough food. It was a pretty nast…
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Funny random memes and tweets, and some cute animal memes too

Memes & Tweets With an Extra Sprinkling of Cute Animal Antics

Oh yeah, baby. It 's Friday, y'all. But does the coming of Friday really mean all that much? As I get older, the arrival of Friday seems to bring less and less satisfaction. It's true that I can go out and party until 6 am without much work-related consequence (like, I won't get fired), but with age comes brutal hangovers, extra dehydration, and the dreaded brain fog that makes even simply existing a trial all its own. Moaning and groaning my way through Saturday and Sunday sounds like hell - a…
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Funny random memes

A Lazy Susan of Tasty Meme Morsels

Diets suck. I should know - I recently embarked on a weight loss journey with the help of a little thing called ‘Weight Watchers.’ Now that every food is ascribed points and I'm left to add up the
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Weed Memes For the Kind of People Who Celebrate 4/20

What up, weed enthusiasts! It hasn't been too long since New York City has officially legalized marijuana, but the signs are literally everywhere. Dispensaries, legal or not, seem to be on every street. The air reeks of weed smoke, which probably pisses some people off. As a true blue native New Yorker who's been blazing since high school, I couldn't be happier to get a whiff on my way to work. To honor the new normal, I've put together a very 420-related collection of memes. From hilarious enc…
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Fresh and Funny Quips From the Best of Twitter (May 25, 2023)

While I'm more clever in person than I may seem here, there are certain things I struggle with. It's hard for me to finish writing that I've started for myself. Long-form, I mean. I'm scared to commit to endings. That said, I also happen to struggle with really short form as well, namely tweets. As hard as I've tried to go viral for a funny observation about life or a silly anecdote, they kind of fall flat. Perhaps it's due to the high levels of self-deprecation . We may never know. Fortunately…
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30+ Adulting Memes For the Millennials In the Struggle

Being an adult sounded great when I was like, thirteen. I had it all figured out: My best friend Jane and I would move into her uncle's cottage in England. He's a big-time director and owned Beatrix Potter's house. It was going to be amazing. Driving old range rovers around the estate, listening to the Cure and the Clash, and eating (and drinking) like queens. Judging by the fact that I'm living in a tenement here in Brooklyn, and she's living with her mother-in-law in New Jersey, things haven'…
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A Decent Crop of Scrollable Memes

As a lowly office worker, reaching the end of hump day can feel like a small victory against the agonizing monotony of the Monday-Friday workweek. Hump day, known to some as Wednesday, is nestled between the arduous beginning and the eagerly awaited end of the week. It's a day that embodies both exhaustion and a glimmer of hope, as we trudge through the remaining workdays, inching closer to a weekend of relative freedom. In our office, conversations revolve around the struggle to stay focused,…
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Twitter Users Discuss the Fictional Characters Who Have Suffered the Most

The world of fiction isn't always a kind one. Sure, there are fantastical tales of love, success, and maybe even magic. But there are also some really screwed-up fictional universes, in which suffering is more common than merely existing. I, for one, didn't understand how anyone could even play pretend without inflicting a world of pain on any of the characters. People were dying in my world, sometimes worse. And you can bet your bottom dollar that orphans were more plentiful than kids with lov…
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Cute and funny cat memes and photos for fun people

Cute and Funny Cat Memes For Proud Cat People (May 24, 2023)

Greetings, cat lovers. There's not much I can say about our furry little feline friends that other people on the Internet haven't said before. That's especially true for our sister sites on Cheezburger. The truth is that cats rule everything around me. Some commenters razz me for my “sad cat lady” ways, but it doesn't get to me. I know that my cat obsession and self-deprecating humor are not particularly unique on the Internet. In fact, judging by the sheer volume of cat memes, articles, and pi…
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Funny random memes, jokes, humor

A Steaming Pot of Silly Memes

Do you ever feel like a lifeless soul trudging through the mundane existence of millennial life? Perhaps you've found yourself in a place where every day blends into the next, and the weight of existence feels as heavy as ever. Thankfully, even with all the tiring drudgery, there's the occasional glimmer of hope—in the form of memes. Today, on this dreary Monday, we're hitting you with a collection of random memes that might help alleviate the weight of your monotonous existence. These digital…
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Funny memes about Geminis for Gemini season, astrology memes and humor

Happy Gemini Season: Funny Memes About One of Zodiac's Most Controversial Signs

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to Geminis. I'm not totally sure when this started, but over the past 7 years or so, all my exes have been Geminis. All my crushes, too. What is it about this sign that makes them so irresistible? It it their emotional unavailability, lack of commitment, or general flightiness? Well, no. And I know those negative traits don't epitomize all Geminis. The real reason I'm probably drawn to Geminis is because they're exciting. They're overflowing with knowle…
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A Hapless Handful of Amusing Memes

Hey there, buddy. I see you're having some fun looking at memes on the Internet. I gotta let you in on a little secret about those funny tidbits, and internet content in general. While some insufferable and pretentious internet "enjoyers" might say otherwise, memes really don't need to be smart to be funny or entertaining. It's not necessary for them to make a reference to a niche subculture, Twitter celeb, or sh*tposting trend. In fact, it's our take that dumb memes are often even funnier than…
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