A compilation for weird girl memes for weird girls

Weird Memes For Weirdos

Not all memes are for everyone. Some memes are specifically designed for a beautiful woman that's going through something right now. These memes are not made to encapsulate the whole of all human experiences. That would be too easy. These memes are for women on the verge. On the verge of what? Just on the verge. If you get it, you get it. So much online content is made by men about women, and therefore, women are only shown themselves as men see us. That's no good, because the way that men see…
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A compilation of random and unique memes.

Eccentric Memes You Can Take Your Time With

There are times to slow down and times to speed up. If you're luxuriating in a delicious bubble bath on a Friday night, it's time to sit back and take your damn time because it won't last forever. If you're working as a lifeguard at your local community pool and you see some suspicious bubbles, you know what to do sport. Consuming memes can lean towards being a speedy activity; you want those memes hot, fresh, and sizzling, and then you want to move on and take in some more memes. As someone wh…
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breakup memes, dumping memes, relationship memes | Person -  see replacement and realize they've downgraded ante pa atuxting W Ceelebs | Person -  end things properly Couples costume idea us Those two don't go together Neither do Eric Good bye Wtf @MasiPopal

Breakup Memes For The Newly Single

Good riddance.
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steve harvey, funny outfit, green lantern, green suit, riddler, joker, squid game, roast, memes, twitter memes, funny memes, steve harvey memes

Steve Harvey's All-Green Outfit Causes a Deluge of Memes

Steve Harvey is known for more than just his stand-up comedy and Family Feud . He also pushes the boundaries of fashion and is famously kind of a dick . When it comes to the hierarchy of memed celebrities, Steve is definitely up there . He recently shared his latest bold outfit on Twitter, showing off an all-green look, save for a pair of shiny brown leather shoes. — Steve Harvey (@IAmSteveHarvey) October 8, 2021 As expected, Twitter gave Harvey's fit the full meme tr…
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Cool video about superhero comics taken out of context

6 Famous Superhero Memes (That Are Even Dumber In Context)

About half of us were first exposed to now-famous superhero comics via out-of-context comic panels used as internet memes, but we looked up the original issues and those memes are actually UNDERSELLING the glorious stupidity and insanity of the original stories. Stories like the Joker's "boner" fixation, Captain America's public "wanking," and the time Batman got slap-happy with his little buddy.
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This Means You Can Leave

Funny meme about how kids think the teacher is dead when they don't show up in the first minute, the joker, joaquin phoenix, school memes
Via u/gojiboy69
funny tweets, twitter memes, cruella, movies, emma stone, 101 Dalmatians, trending tweets, disney, memes | alex @alex_abads i do love the premise of cruella is what if someone girlboss'd so hard they became the joker | All I have... are 101 Dalmatians Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck

Twitter Raises Its Eyebrows Over New 'Cruella' Trailer

Lots of Joker and Harley Quinn comparisons
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Joker Listening To Todd Phillips" | Shitheadsteve @shitheadsteve_ My friend trying convince Red Lobster manager let us stay after tried liberate lobsters On se Drink good beer. Do not lean | On sea life. Drink good beer. Anti-mask people complaining they can't breathe Do not lean on c People with asthma who can't breathe normally @memebase

'Joker Listening To Todd Phillips' Is The Latest Dank DC Meme

The Joker memes will never die.
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Funny memes, dank memes, swole doge vs. cheems memes, shiba inus, dog memes, ironic memes, joker memes | Journalists 1950s: Journalist now mafia might kill but Fl follow story anyways Some gamer called gay sol need 1 month vacation | My dad at 17 at 17: Darling im home are kids? Damm wish were cute anime girl

'Swole Doge Vs. Cheems' Memes Are Packed With Comparitive Hilarity

Never enough doge.
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Funny random memes, joker memes, joaquin phoenix | My art art class boring class @mohamed.draws detailed drawing of eyes and a nose, same drawing but much simpler and cartoonish. Restaurant: Kids under 12 eat free Dad: He's 11 Actually ninetee- Dad: LAMC call of duty General Shepherd's Betrayal

Thirty Random Memes That Speak The Damn Truth

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Oh No...

Funny dank meme that shows a headline that reads, "Your cat can have the same mental problems as you" joker dancing on stairs with mini joker
Via LittleEllie95
dank you get what you deserve joker memes, joaquin phoenix, joker yelling at murray during talk show | Tesco shoppers 'boycott' store after bans cat who has been long-time regular CATS get fucking deserve! Where do want eat? GF don't care choose Let's get Chinese food GF about something else get fucking deserve

'You Get What You Deserve' Is A Karmic 'Joker' Meme

You really do.
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Funny dank memes featuring "Tracksuit Joker" | the joker played by joaquin phoenix wearing a nike tracksuit and looking in the mirror: My therapist watching completely disregard all her advice

Thirteen 'Tracksuit Joker' Memes For The Unamused

The Joker is back, this time in a tracksuit.
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Funny joker meme about joe mama jokes, kid with two dads
Via @memebase
Funny memes of The Joker being hit in the face by a sign, sex memes, porn memes, alcohol, joaquin phoenix.

'Joker' Memes Go Slapstick In This New Format

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Joker memes, you wouldn't get it, joaquin phoenix dragging a cigarette

Being Misunderstood Is Funny In These Emo Joker Memes

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