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17 Mini Keanu Reeves Memes That Are Simultaneously Cute & Hilarious

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17 John Wick Memes That'll Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Bad Guys

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Nobody Messes With John Wick

Funny dank meme about john wick and the avengers, thanos.
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Funny video of John wick gun shots replaced with OWen wilson saying "wow."

Watch: Someone Replaced The Gun Shots In John Wick With Owen Wilson Saying "Wow"

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Collection of funny reaction gifs involving John Wick, Lord of the Rings, The Office, Tim and Eric, movies, tv, television, barack obama, foo fighters, middle fingers.

Express Yourself: 17 Awesome Reaction GIFs

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It's On

Funny meme: screen shot of news report about someone stealing a wheelchair from a disabled dog, reaction is that of John Wick with a gun, because this whoever stole the wheelchair deserves to die.
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