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Ba Ba Ba, Bomb Bomb Iran

john mccain republican - 8317297152
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Senator John McCain Totally Looks Like Darth Vader w/ Helmet Off

totally looks like john mccain funny darth vader - 7616696064
Created by adagioforstrings

Where Will You Be, When it Strikes You?

constipation everyone john mccain - 3047217920
Created by bubbles5723

John McCain Totally Looks Like This Clown

clown TLL john mccain - 7125670912
Created by csosnowski08


john mccain white guy - 4406780672
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cnn reporter benghazi john mccain angry - 44686337

McCain Lashes Out at Another Reporter

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reporter press conference response john mccain - 44491009

The Perfect Response to a Truly Stupid Question

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Susan Rice press conference response john mccain barack obama - 44484353

President Obama's Response to Criticism of Susan Rice

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To Be Fair, He Would Know

government Susan Rice john mccain Sarah Palin - 6767158528
Via Reddit

They Haven't Even Cut Me Off Yet

drunk john mccain rnc - 6563052800
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Why Ohio's So Important

barack obama george w bush history important infographic John Kerry john mccain Mitt Romney ohio polls Richard Nixon - 6591525120
Via The Daily

Friday Picspam: What Has Been Seen...

adolf hitler democrats friday picspam john mccain political pictures Republicans - 5939456768

Ready for Her Closeup

john mccain movies political picture political pictures Sarah Palin - 5872546816
Via Blogging via Typewriter
barack obama election 2012 john mccain Mitt Romney political videos Video - 31796225

He's Really Come Around

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Babies george w bush john mccain vote voting - 5419140352
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