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Joe Goldberg Memes To Satisfy Your Inner Creep

As creepy themes go, Netflix's You really goes for the gold. Last year Penn Badgley (who plays Joe Goldberg) even lamented the sheer volume of women who had the hots for his stalker-y murderer of a character. This year, following the release of the show's second season, people are channeling that creepiness into some seriously funny memes about obsessive relationships. While we're willing to bet none of you are actually killing or stalking people, it's easy to investigate social media to a point where you actually relate to some of these memes. Just don't take it too far. 

Funny memes of Joe Goldberg from NEtflix You starring Penn Badgley, memes about being creepy, obsessive relationships | Him glad not one those crazy girls. ask her day went but already know her day went.
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