Fascinating thread about the origin of Jews eating chinese food on Christmas in New York City Lower East Side | megan n'n @kehillahjewess seems like customary Jewish tradition eat Chinese food on Christmas, but have ever wondered where time-honored practice came | late 1880s, many Chinese immigrants moved Lower East Side Manhattan after living California during creation Transcontinental Railroad. Many these families ended up going into restaurant industry and opened up their own businesses.

Twitter Thread Explains Why Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas

The more you know.
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30 Jewish Memes To Get You Stoked For Hanukkah

Chag Sameach!
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This Old Joke

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My Parents After 50 Years of Marriage?

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racism jews Rupert Murdoch Media tweet Israel - 27652

Rupert Murdoch is Not Racist at All

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Hug ALL the Jews!

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Jew So Funny, Kid!

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The Truth Behind 9/11

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That's Racist!

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The One on the Left Looks Like He's Alec Baldin'

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That's a Funny Name, Mr. Kippur. Is It Irish?

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