Fascinating thread about the origin of Jews eating chinese food on Christmas in New York City Lower East Side | megan n'n @kehillahjewess seems like customary Jewish tradition eat Chinese food on Christmas, but have ever wondered where time-honored practice came | late 1880s, many Chinese immigrants moved Lower East Side Manhattan after living California during creation Transcontinental Railroad. Many these families ended up going into restaurant industry and opened up their own businesses.

Twitter Thread Explains Why Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas

The more you know.
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30 Jewish Memes To Get You Stoked For Hanukkah

Chag Sameach!
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Funny memes about Hanukkah and being Jewish | eric andre shooting hannibal meme Stuffing myself with latkes Next year's summer body can Hanukkah do this. danny devito in oven gloves and a grey hair in a bun. *Literally anyone exists* Jewish Grandma So anyway started baking

Fourteen Hanukkah Memes That Jewish Weren't So Cheesy

Happy Hanukkah!
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Funny mocking tweets about Scott Walker's 'holiday tree' tweet

Politician's Overly Sensitive Tweets About 'Holiday Trees' Get Roasted

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cover image of funny Hanukkah memes

18 Dank Jewish Memes To Make Your Hanukkah Lit

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quit your bullshit funeral funny twitter jewish - 5858565

Guy Tries To Pitch His God-Awful Movie Idea At A Funeral In This Priceless Twitter Story

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... Not Particularly, No.

you song lolwut homophones wish jewish - 6878215936
By Unknown

This is Highly Unorthodox

beards jewish political pictures - 6481303296
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Uh, Nothing

jewish political pictures - 5817691392
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Business is Not Booming

bacon jewish political pictures religion - 5824485888
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A Fine One At That

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And What About Buddhist Bale?

bale christian christian bale double meaning hay jewish literalism symbol - 5312476416
By urkelbot666

You Already Get Eight Days

christmas holidays jewish - 5309515008
By The_No_Monkey


hilarious jewish natalie portman Sesame Street - 5095337728
By czwmfx

Wait, So You're Not Pioneering a New World Order?

How People View Me jewish money nigel - 5024146688
By Echo24

Socially Awkward Penguin Is a Grammar Jew

grammar jewish nazi socially awkward penguin - 5033452544
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