Funny video of a news report where the anchor talks about a pilot reporting a guy in a jetpack flying close to the plane

Pilot Reports 'Guy In A Jetpack' Flying Dangerously Close To The Airplane

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flight invention jetpack Video the future win - 75764993

Just Cruising Around in an Authentic JetPack, NBD

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His Future Stops Right Now!

gifs future jetpack FAIL sad but true water categoryfail - 6650491648
Created by Iron-man01

Would You Like Some Coffee with Your Spider?

coffee jetpack nothing to do here Rage Comics spider - 6430774272
Created by Unknown

Best Community Service Ever

jetpack mario Memes squirt gun water - 6220499968
Created by ThunderCougerFalconBird

$100,000? Don't Even Care.

fry jetpack shut up take my money water - 6207213056
Created by Putnum ( Via Jetlev )

Jetpack Test

beach FAIL gifs jetpack ouch science - 5833074432
Created by Unknown

Helicopter Jumping Jetpack Man

cool extreme gifs helicopter jetpack jumping win - 5493363712
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Woulda Been Useful in Halo 2

halo jetpack master chief Memes troll video games - 4841328896
Created by chaike


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