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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Scene Inspires Aptly Dumb Memes About Low Bars

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not have wanted it to be true, but the premiere date has been set for the comedy's final season: August 12th. That feels like an eternity from now, but while viewers wait for the beginning of the end, they've been able to enjoy some memes that are ripped straight from the show's 4th season. The scene involves Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) meeting in a crossover episode between Nine-Nine and New Girl.  

In the episode, Peralta attempts to commandeer Jess' vehicle to . But she doesn't buy that he's even an officer. As Peralta tries to convince her of his occupation, they have the following exchange: 

Jake: "I'm not a thug, I'm police."
Jess: "Okay, then name one law."
Jake: "Don't kill people?"
Jess: (silently) "That's on me, i set the bar too low."

Turns out that the back and forth, when neatly packaged into a four-panel image, makes for easy meme-ing. We say easy because these are far from high brow image macros. Instead, they fulfill the theme of the joke by setting the bar real low. And attack some of the world's favorite books, movies, and actors in the process. 

Funny memes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, That's on me, i set the bar really low
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