Entitled nice guy gets put in his place after attacking a woman who wont go on a date with him | Sooo l've been really patient with all week and want take out this weekend and still haven't explained why not interested

Entitled 'Nice Guy' Gets Perfectly Put In His Place

Some people don't know when to quit.
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Cats Being Jerks

17 Examples of Cats Being Adorable Jerks

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The Poor World of Mr. Duck

flowers ducks jerks sad but true web comics - 8116564480
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You Have to Let People Know Who You Are

web comics bluetooth jerks You Have to Let People Know Who You Are
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Doing a Cat's job is hard stuff.

Very funny GIF of a cat that comes by to deliberately cute the corner of the tiles.
By anselmbe

Wake Up And Feed Me

gifs jerks sleep Cats - 8572211968
By Unknown

Fortune Cookies, They're Just Mean

fortune cookie injury jerks funny - 8256438272
By Unknown

Goats Prefer Privacy

privacy funny goats jerks - 8355206144
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hilarious jerks windows - 5538904320
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jerks Mean People - 5076063488
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kids mothers day jerks - 6223286016
By xyzpdq1

Never Give Them a Chance at Innuendo

dating innuendo eww funny jerks wtf - 8343037440

This Person is the Worst

online gaming jerks - 7688576256
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Jim Benton is a Master of Understanding What It's Like Being a Jerk
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Reminder: Cats Are Jerks

dogs gifs jerks Cats - 8475366144
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Never Give Them a Chance at Innuendo

wtf innuendo eww jerks funny dating - 8252319488
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