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The Cheeky Critter Chronicles: 23 Hilarious Times We Caught Animals Being The Jerkiest Jerks That Ever Jerked

A bunch of jerky jesters
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Satisfying Times Total Jerks Were Taxed for Their Rudeness

There's no shortage of people who strut around like the whole universe revolves around them, and those people are mad annoying (especially if you work in the service industry). But it can be pretty hilarious when someone is entitled to their own detriment, or when choosing beggars get taxed extra for their rudeness. For example, when I used to bartend back in the day, I enjoyed being generous to customers for no reason. It felt good to improve some random stranger's day with a free drink or sma…
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Selfish Dude Refuses to Let Friend's Service Dog In His Home, Inspires Debate About Whether or Not He's An A-Hole

Judging by the communities on Twitter, TikTok, and even Instagram, we're starting to wonder what people consider friendship to be . The way we see it, friendship occurs when there's a mutual affection for one another, you can rely on the person for emotional support, and ask them for help. Friendship means taking care of others , and knowing that in turn, they'll eventually take care of you, too. While this might seem basic to most sane people who have managed to cultivate relationships with ot…
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Server Enacts Perfect Revenge On Pranking Customer

She won in the end
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Total Jerks Who Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Humanity is doomed
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Cats Being Jerks

17 Examples of Cats Being Adorable Jerks

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When Someone Else Acts Like a Jerk vs. When I Act Like a Jerk

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To Be Fair, He Probably Had a Lot Fewer Engineers on Hand to Help Him

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If Ego Tree Fell in a Forest, People Would Applaud

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This Should Be On The Floor

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Donald Trump Responds to Observations of His Sexism

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Dog Trolling

Mammal -


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Time to Steal From Your Dad

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