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Twitter and TikTok users share horror stories about Jennifer Lopez

Viral Tweets Expose Jennifer Lopez As The Rudest Celebrity of All Time

Tabloids will say anything about a celebrity to sell a magazine to women waiting in line at the grocery store. They're not the most reliable sources regarding which star is rude and nasty. Luckily, we're not in the mid-aughts anymore, and social media has provided a platform for real people to expose rude celebrities for the menaces they are. If it wasn't for social media, we might still be in the dark about how mean Ellen was to her employees. When TikTok and Twitter users were asked about the…
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'Looks like he'd rather be at Dunkin'': Best Tweets About Ben Affleck Looking Bored At the Grammys

He's the people's princess
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A compilation of memes about Shakira's tax evasion scandal

Funniest Memes About Shakira's Tax Fraud Scandal

Many Millennials and Gen Zers get most of their news from social media. The convenient and accessible service of Twitter News provides young people with brief recaps of the current events of the day, all catered to their specific interests. No category of news thrives more on social media than celebrity news. In essence, all of the gross tabloids of the 2000s and their trashy headlines have been replaced by cruel memes and jokes at different famous people's expense. All of this considered, it's…
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Assorted Memes That Might Tickle Your Fancy

We all need a break.
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Fresh & Relatable Tidbits To Satisfy Your Meme Cravings

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funny tweets in response to woman who thinks the super bowl halftime show is basically pornography, kansas city chiefs, shakira, jennifer lopez | tweet by Emily Green @egreenmommy didn't know legal expose kids pornography absolute filth stadium turned into strip club and porno movie during halftime show. Tell more about morals, Hollywood. And who should vote SuperBowl LIM #HalftimeShow @greg. Replying egreenmommy someone caught their husband's jaw open

Conservative Mom Mocked Over Tweet About Super Bowl Halftime Show

'Twas caliente.
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Not a Good Idea

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Christie Monteiro Totally Looks Like Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez 2012 Oscars Totally Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

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William of Ockham Totally Looks Like Jennifer Lopez

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