That's Not the Girl's Hand on His Waist...

jelly girl hand - 6875170304
Created by CrotchBomb96

I'm Butter, Too

mattress toast jelly slang shorthand - 6641533952
Created by Megamean09

Feel like Sir Jam and Toast

fancy jam jelly sir toast - 6413855488
Created by Aville


cat hilarious jelly Sexy Ladies - 6412992256
Created by meganeguard

Jello is Way Better

Jello jelly Okay - 6309304832
Created by Sc0rch


jelly Pokémon Pure Awesome - 5477623552
Created by RandomNoob

I Thought He Was Air?

air genie jelly Lame Pun Coon water - 6255301632
Created by Putnum

Will You Be Mine?

couple creepy sneakers date jelly prom Sad - 6210098944
Created by Unknown

Funny You Should Ask...

answer double meaning jelly literalism question slang yes - 5968478464
Via Married to the Sea

I Want to Be Hurr

girls jelly ladybags sexy times - 5902713600
Created by SPEN23

U Mad, Snow?

IRL jelly snow troll face - 5893157376
Created by ashky45

Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme

cliché family guy Hall of Fame homophone homophones jelly literalism peanut butter thyme - 5449854720
Created by cheeseblarg ( Via )

You Look Great In Green

best of week colorblind jelly troll face - 5320602368
Created by electrodinosaur

U Jelly?

IRL jelly jellyfish school troll face - 5324608768
Created by Charlie Gibson

U Jelly?

Bombosaurus girls jealous jelly troll - 5290074112
Created by Unknown

Technically it's a Spoonerism...

jeans jelly letter letters switch - 5253181696
Created by Meme_maker
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