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Funny animated video about how JEff Bezos is cringey and bad

Why Jeff Bezos Is Just As Sad And Cringe As The Rest Of Us

Ever wonder why billionaire Jeff Bezos is hated by an awful lot of people in the world ? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that is known for stiffing his hard workers, making the robot takeover seem like an imminent possibility, and for, like, going to space. He's just way too freaking rich, and as is the case with most people, this makes for some cringe and clueless behavior. Jeff Bezos may be a billionaire intent on conquering the world, but he's also just a sad, cringe dude…
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings, humor, lol, goofy memes, lotr memes, hobbits, dank memes

Tolkien Tuesday: The Best Lord of the Rings Memes This Week (August 9, 2022)

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Tolkien Tuesday . For those of you who are new, Tuesdays are when we (Memebase) provide you (whoever you are) with a selection of the best Lord of the Rings memes to have graced our feeds in the last week. The internet has been abuzz with LOTR news, and while there's plenty to be seen (and memed about), it's recently come to our attention that Peter Jackson almost got hypnosis to forget making our most beloved movies. Why? Because he wishes he could w…
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Funny tweets about Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeff Bezos' New Girlfriend Thirsts for Leonardo DiCaprio at LACMA Art Gala

Dream on, sweetie.
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Funny Evil X Be Like, evil be like, evil be like memes, celebrities, musicians, politicians, viral memes, reddit

Celebrities Go Bad in Viral 'Evil X Be Like' Memes

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Billionaire Bezos Launches Himself Into Space, Gets Dragged & Roasted Online

Cool spacesuit Bezos, now pay your taxes.
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Video from Cracked about how AmazonDesign rips off other companies designs, like Peak design, jeff bezos, plagiarism

How Amazon Blatantly Rips Off Its Competitors With Zero Shame

This one's for you, Jeff Bezos.
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Elon Musk roasted for poetry tweet about attacking space, people who attack space

Elon Musk Tweeted Something Clueless & People Are Predictably Angry About It

Oh, Elon.
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jeff bezos, billionaire, amazon, elon musk, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, memes, funny

Memes Lose Another Target As Jeff Bezos Steps Down From Amazon

Friendship ended with multinational company, now space travel is my best friend.
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Funny dank memes about billionaires | Oprah reveals she manages stay stress free at 64! Step 1: have billion dollars | spongebob mr. krab dragged by a dollar bill Billionaires they have pay taxes Noooo! Two dollars! Two dollars!

14 Sassy Billionaire Memes That Are Too Rich For Our Blood

Taxes? Pssh.
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Funny tweets, twitter memes, guy fieri, ratatouille, lol, relatable tweets, comedy, humor, jeff bezos, harry potter | zach silberberg hire zachsilberberg guy fieri's spiky hair might seem weird at first, until realize is his natural defense against getting ratatouilled kitchen

27 Tweets Filled With Quick Comedy

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funny memes, relatable memes, memes, coronavirus, working class, work memes, healthcare pls, universal healthcare, student debt, capitalism, socialism, minimum wage, amazon, jeff bezos, rich people, taxes | trad girl and yes chad MY PARENTS AT 25 should start saving retirement IRA or 401k AT 25 If go sleep now then won't have pay food ahorteddreams | too poor afford affordable healthcare guess l'll die

Memes & Tweets For The Fed Up Working Class

Seize the memes of production
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Funny video sketch about a guy shopping at Whole Foods

Parody Sketch About People Who Shop At Whole Foods Is Pretty Spot On

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Absolutely Shocking

Funny tweet that reads, "Kinda looks like the billionaires aren't going to save us"
Via Anlyin
Funny parody tweets about the Amazon Fulfillment Centers being a good place to work

Amazon Gets Roasted For Creating Fake Twitter Accounts To Hide Its Sketchy Working Conditions

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Twitter thread about billionaires and where they got their wealth from

Dude Explains On Twitter That Billionaires' Humble 'Garage Stories' Are All A Bunch Of BS

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Poor Jeff

Caption that reads, "Jeff Bezos sitting in divorce court" above a pic of a guy wearing a crown clutching a bunch of money looking afraid
Via anlyin
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