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Jealous Husband Gets Angry When Wife Sets Phone Background to Willem Dafoe

Unchecked insecurity can ruin relationships and transform otherwise rational people into jealous monsters. When redditor u/abarbiegirl2021 changed her phone's background and home screen wallpaper to an image of Willem Dafoe as Klaus Daimler from The Life Aquatic, she didn't expect her husband to feel strongly about it. On the contrary, he was pretty upset. When taking her story at face value, u/abarbiegirl2021's husband seems totally unreasonable, but let's be honest—don't most of us have the p…
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Mom Gets Slammed For Creepy Rant Over Son's Girlfriend

Not OK
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funny memes, cats, jealousy, man holding dog cat watching | four panel comic where the first panel shows a person holding a dog, then the following panels zoom in on a sad looking cat in the background. two examples of the memes where the dog is labeled as smart kids coddled by teachers and the cat is kids who actually need help. second example is the dog being baby yoda taking all of reddit's attention while the cat is labeled as hong kong and chile which probably deserve some attention as well

'Cat Looking at Man Holding Dog' Memes Are The Perfect Embodiment Of Jealousy

We've all been there.
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Wow, Never Considered That!

Caption that reads, "Her: he's probably thinking about other girls;" Him: if two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously drop a piece of bread, then the earth briefly becomes a sandwich" above the 'I bet he's thinking about other women' meme
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Spam Text Convo About Voting Turns Into Hilarious Trolling

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Caption that reads, "Me: I bet he's thinking about other women right now; Him: Steve Harvey without facial hair" above a creepy photoshopped pic of Steve Harvey without any facial hair
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Collection of funny jealousy-inspired memes, man checking out another woman in front of girlfriend, zelda, link, pasta, capitalism, socialism, politics.

We're Loving These Jealousy-Inspired Memes

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I'm Jelly

Pokémon news collection jealousy - 8296084480
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Should Just Stop Dating Altogether

girlfriends jealousy dating - 8173978624
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I'll Bet You Never Thought You Could Relate to a Dental Floss Container...

best friends friends jealousy - 8053625600
Created by Unknown

Who is She? Why Does She Care?

facebook jealousy overly attached girlfriend relationships - 6462887168
Created by trollin_every_pony

These Are Just Facts, You Guys

jealousy Memes wars women - 6142895872
Created by Unknown


booty hilarious jealousy panties Sexy Ladies - 4957535232
Created by meganeguard

Breaking and Burning

break facebook heart jealousy soul - 4642947328
Created by acassolopez


dancing drinking girls jealousy real life sad but true - 4326917120
See all captions Created by tmdarby


anthropomorphizing dogs jealousy love military police wtf - 4226134784
See all captions Created by Unknown