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Mom Gets Slammed For Creepy Rant Over Son's Girlfriend

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twitte thread about jealous girlfriend in dms, seltzer ranking | SadeVEVO @fillegrossiere woke up haunted by girl DMed on here say do u know my bf said just mutuals don't really know him she responded and said "well read all ur DMs him went look at my DMs with him and they were us going back and forth ranking seltzer | Miss Mortis @MementoMortis_ Replying fillegrossiere Same energy Can not like my boyfriend's pictures on Instagram? Thanks bf is my cousin lol Agnew Delivered doesn't give right

Insecure Girlfriend Inspires Thread About DMs From Jealous Partners

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Time To Make Him Jealous

Caption that reads, "Take the damn picture Brittany. I need to post it to Instagram. Chad hasn't texted me back in three days" above a pic of a hedgehog in a little unicorn pool floaty on the beach
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Wow, Never Considered That!

Caption that reads, "Her: he's probably thinking about other girls;" Him: if two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously drop a piece of bread, then the earth briefly becomes a sandwich" above the 'I bet he's thinking about other women' meme
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Awkward friends jealous - 5574946816
Created by maseratimaniac

Going to Need a Bigger Stick

jealous nostalgia awesome video games funny - 8405144832
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frodo sucks jealous Lord of the Rings - 3525565184
See all captions Created by Eveers

Careful, Barack

jealous flirting barack obama angry Michelle Obama - 6815979520
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disney jealous jessica rabbit tinkerbell - 6552526848
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eww jealous kissing remember - 6516022528
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hilarious jealous outfit tennis wtf - 4932125952
Created by SuperShoppingCart

The Beauty, the Jealousy

beauty internet jealous Rage Comics Sweden - 6250387968
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Unbearded Jealousy

Awkward couple jealous kinda gross KISS - 6214907904
Created by FireShiko

The 90s Want Their Shirt Back

awesome couple jealous shirt - 5624761856
Created by Unknown

Forever Alone

Awkward couple forever alone girls jealous - 5537232896
Created by Unknown

Reframe: Got Something In My Eye

eye girls jealous Reframe - 5327691008
Created by Unknown
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