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Funny memes about brooklyn in new york city

Brooklyn Memes For Everyone Who Thinks It's the Best Borough

Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? The New York City borough is kind of a big deal. While it may get a bad rap for harboring trust fund hipsters and intolerable yuppies, it's also a cultural hub like no other. Brooklyn raised some of the best rappers, from Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim to Jay-Z, as well as entertainers like Barbra Streisand, Larry David, and Eddie Murphy. We'd be remiss not to include Bernie Sanders. While it may not win the award for most diverse borough, it certainly comes…
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A compilation of tweets from Beyonce fans celebrating the release of Renaissance

The Best Bey Hive Tweets Celebrating The Release of Renaissance

The time has finally come for Beyoncé to release new music. While Beyoncé has been the undeniable queen of visual albums over the past couple of years, it's been a while since she's released original music. It hasn't been as long as Rihanna, but the fact remains that the Bey Hive has been waiting patiently for new music, and now it's finally here. This week, Beyoncé's album Renaissance leaked early, with many of her fans vehemently opposing others listening to the tracks before their release…
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A compilation of tweets about Beyoncé's album leak

Beyoncé's Album Leak Sparks Hilarious Tweets From The Bey Hive

To stream or not stream, that is the question. New albums by famous artists leaking before their official release is nothing new. The advent of social media has allowed even the least computer savvy among us to pirate music with nothing more than a cursory search. That's why it's not the least bit surprising that Beyoncé's upcoming album Renaissance was leaked on Twitter this week. While some fanbases stream their faves leaked music without any feelings of remorse (I'm looking at you, Charli XC…
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Please Exit This Conversation

Funny meme about a third person attempting to interject into a conversation above a photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z looking annoyed | When someone randomly joins in on your conversation with your best friend
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Tweet that reads, "What y'all mad about today?" someone comments "It costs money to get things added on your food but they don't subtract when you take things off"
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Funny random memes that'll make you laugh

38 Funny Random Memes That'll Give You A Hefty Guffaw

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dozens of funny memes

Memer by The Dozen

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rap memes rappers rap chamillionaire kanye west rap music nicki minaj Jay Z biggie smalls hip hop instagram - 6098181

These Memes Point Out How Ridiculous Rap Lyrics Can Be

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beyoncé Jay Z jet ski celebrity memes rap music - 6142981

Jay-Z Looking Unimpressed On A Jet Ski Is Getting Meme'd To Heck

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wtf hip hop creepy mind blown beyoncé the incredibles pop culture pop music Jay Z - 6058245

Twitter Is SHOOK Over These Eerie Similarities Between The Carters And The Incredibles

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hip hop beyoncé celebrity memes rap music pop music celeb Jay Z New Music - 5986309

Beyonce And Jay Z's 'ApeSh*t' Music Video Is A Meme Goldmine

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Collection of memes and reactions to Beyonce's photo with her twins.

Best Reactions To Beyoncé's Twins Photo

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Funny collection of memes

16 Random Memes to Get You Into the Friday Groove

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Selection of memes from the internet, cats, dogs, pizza, dating, wendy's, snow, driving, cars, blue ivy, dj khaled, sadness, crocs/

23 Memes to Help Start Your Tuesday Off Right

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She Gets Way More Press

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We Could All Use Our Own Personal Tara

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