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Ever find yourself sitting around, thinking about life and feeling like it's pointless? Perhaps it feels like a thankless charade in which your sole purpose is to benefit “the man,” make rich people richer, and suffer in your shoebox apartment. Perhaps all of your loved ones are gone, and you're feeling lonely. Maybe work just sucks, or you can't seem to shake this dreaded cold that has overtaken your aging body, making you feel decrepit, disillusioned, and deeply depressed. Whatever the case,…
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Every Time

funny meme about driving with wife who keeps gasping when you move at all almost causing crash jason momoa sneaking up on henry cavill
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Can't Unsee

Funny meme comparing Jason Mamoa to a photo of Rob Zombie, saying that he looks like if Jason Mamoa was microwaved for 30 seconds on high
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Funny random memes | BREAKING NEWS Aquaman found dead. khal drogo with a beer pack ring around his neck. Just wrapped my moms Christmas present, it's a vacuum l should have left it in the box.

Forty Dumb Memes To Help You Hate Life Less

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Caption that reads, "When your parents walk in on you playing with yourself" above a pic of Jason Momoa playing with an Aquaman figurine
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dumb memes

34 Dumb Memes That'll Help You Hit Your Brain's Off-Switch

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19 Memes That Just Speak The Truth

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Funny memes, egg, instagram, kylie jenner.

Egg Memes Are Exploding After Kylie Loses Instagram World Record

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The Origins of Batman v Aquaman

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This Goofy Superhero Grew Up Into a Knockout

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