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Spooky Time!

Funny meme that reads, "It's the end of August you know what that means" above a photo of a man in a suit wearing a jack o' lantern as a head
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Funny pics of medical-themed jack o-'lanters

Creepy Medical Jack-O-'Lanterns Perfect For Some Nightmare Fuel

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Funny meme that reads, "The perfect jack o' lantern doesn't exi-" above images of a pumpkin carved with Elmo with fire behind him
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Funny tweets to ARticle group about painfully relatable jack-o-lanterns.

Painfully Relatable Jack-O-Lanterns Are Spooky AF (24 Tweets)

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It Won't Grow Back

Funny web comic about jack-o-lantern carving his friend pumpkin poorly.
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Funny meme about carving a scary pumpkin for halloween, pumpkin is carved as a 2% battery.
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pumpkins halloween jack o lanterns tools carving Video - 83254785

Watching a Pumpkin Get Carved With a Waterjet Might Be The Most Peaceful 30 Seconds of Your Day

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Pumpkin Carving Skills Too Strong

halloween memes burning pumpkin
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Forget Netflix and Chill, It's Time for Pumpkin Carving and Chill

funny memes pumpkin carving and chill
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pumpkins halloween jack o lanterns - 75180033

If You're Not Into Pumpkin Carving, Perhaps You Would Enjoy Making Your Jack-o-Lantern With a Gun?

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Groot Makes the Best Jack-o-Lantern

halloween jack o lanterns - 8365511424
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Mom's Idea

halloween burned jack o lanterns - 8363683072
Created by nortonian

Smashing Pumpkins

jack o lanterns halloween kids pumpkins prank - 8361116416
Created by death_by_rage

Derp O' Lantern

expectations vs reality jack o lanterns halloween pumpkins - 8340750336
Created by death_by_rage

Well, I Tried

Close Enough jack o lanterns pumpkins - 8324420096
Created by Unknown

Not Even Once.....

meth jack o lanterns pumpkins - 6785147392
Created by yothegamer
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