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It's My Mom's Recipe

Caption that reads, "Eminem anytime he goes anywhere" above a pic of Charlie Day from 'It's Always Sunny' holding a bag of spaghetti saying, "What is your spaghetti policy here?"
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Funny But Also Sadly Accurate

Characters from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' lifting someone up who represents "people who can't be vaccinated" above a pic of them, representing "anti-vaxxers" pushing the same guy down saying, "No you don't!"
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"When you google something to support your argument and realize you're wrong"
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Danny DeVito, Everybody

Danny DeVito tweets, "Local hoors near my area - fuck, this isn't Google"
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We Need Change, Now

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Funny meme about memes being a hobby, it's always sunny in philadelphia.
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Explain This

Funny meme about how you get fat in the winter even though you burn more calories when you're cold.
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