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A compilation of memes about Italian hand gestures and Italian food

Italian Memes For Proud Italian Americans

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Funny memes about pasta

A Hot and Steamy Bowl of Pasta Memes For National Pasta Day

I am so, so, so glad that I don't have Celiac disease or some other kind of disorder that means I can't eat gluten. Gluten rules. While bread takes a lot of the glutenous glory, we're firm believers that pasta is the best gluten product by far. It's versatile. It's international. It's a comforting, rib-sticking meal on a bad day, or a celebratory feast on a good one. Back when I was working at a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper East Side, I actually got in trouble for selling the pasta spe…
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Funny memes about italians

Funny Memes That Celebrate & Poke Fun At Italians

Last week my hairdresser was snipping my tresses and suddenly asked me if I was Italian . The question was incredibly flattering to this Italophile who worships everything from their food and film to their disco. Unfortunately, my identity is better reflected by this tweet from a Twitter friend of mine:
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Abominable Interpretations on Italian Food Bound to Make Italy Weep

Mamma mia
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Small Town Italian Sandwich Maker Goes Insanely Viral for Making the Most Chaotic Yet Delicious Looking Sandwiches

Small Town Italian Sandwich Maker Goes Insanely Viral for Making the Most Chaotic Yet Delicious Looking Sandwiches

He got so popular, that the tiny little deli he worked in asked him to stop making the videos because they couldn't handle the influx of new customers.
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Bold Claim That ‘Italian Food Is Just the Same Five Ingredients’ Causes Twitter Uproar

In an evocative parallel scene from a Sopranos episode entitled, "The Strong, Silent Type," mob boss Tony Soprano and his loyal associate Furio cook dinner for themselves, alone in their respective kitchens. The scene starts out with Tony walking into the kitchen of his New Jersey McMansion. He calls out his wife Carmella's name before finding a note on the counter that reads, "Rigatoni in the fridge." Meanwhile, Furio (a native Neapolitan), tends to sizzling pots and pans in a humid, dimly-lit…
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Twitter users reactions to disgusting food fat baby from las vegas, stuffed sandwich, pasta

Another Disgusting Food Gimmick Gets Roasted On Twitter

Ready your closest garbage can
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Funny comments on gross pizza and pasta from italians mad at food

Angry Italians Call Out Offensive Attempts At Their Cuisine

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Funny memes about cooking | chef cooks anything Kosher salt Nut Button | Expectation Reality Lego set tiny kitchen and a chef

Fifteen Cooking Memes For Culinary Hobbyists

Memes for people who love to cook!
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Funny comments from Italians who are mad about how people try to make italian food. | gravilo pricip 1 day ago (edited) Che cazzo There's no tomato's bolognese porco Americano WTF vinegar are barberian Cream Why do Americans bastardize every pure and holy and make shit Va Vaculo ti,schivo figlio di putana should flag this video mockery culture REPLY 1 reply | Marco Stefanoni Xenia McKitrick 's not just about boiling water at beginning, every single thing this video 's wrong While they were shoot

33 Scathing Comments From Italians Mad At Food

Mamma mia.
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Buon Appetito!

Funny tweet claiming that Lunchables pizza is peak Italian-American cuisine | limited breadsticks @limitlessjest This is the ideal pizza. You may not like it, but this is what peak Italian- American cuisine looks like.
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Funny memes about Italians, Italy | record scratch freeze frame So, yep s probably wondering got this situation. Italian politician facepalm | person riding a surfboard with an umbrella and a yacht sailing in the background: Roman Empire TADROLINIJA Whatever Mussolini trying do

Twenty-Eight Italian Memes That Are Just Pici

Mama mia...
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Video of a British TV host insulting an Italian chef's meal

Italian Chef Delivers Savage One-Liner After British TV Host Insults His Cooking

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Funny twitter account of Italians mad at food, pizza, pasta, facebook comments, italian food.

'Italians Mad At Food' Is Hilarious Food Snobbery At Its Finest

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pizza memes

37 Cheesy Pizza Memes For The Weirdoughs

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Garlic Bread Will Never Betray You

Pic of garlic bread with text that reads, "Only garlic bread has no 'end.' Garlic bread will always stay by your side, share to spread the truth"
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