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Generous Chef Cooks Nutritious Meals For A Whole Town

Faith in humanity: restored
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Funny memes about religion

Religious Memes For Believers And Non-Believers Alike

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funny verses from the quaran | bonjouratous 8h If include Hadiths then there is night journey Miraj. Muhammad ascends heaven night on his flying horse Buraq where he meets all prophets (Adam, Jesus, Moses, etc don't remember which one but one them is described as being super hot. Then Muhammad meets god who tells him his followers must pray him 50 times day. Muhammad thinks 's lot but doesn't say any- thing, he starts leave, sees Moses and has chat with him, Moses telles him 50 prayers day is to

13 Quran Verses That Are Weird Beyond Belief

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Funny meme featuring a girl in a hijab shampooing her hair WITH the scarf on because of religious Malaysian laws.
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Rick Santorum or the Ayatollah?

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Islam, the Musical

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Captain Jaqué Spakhkmad

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