Funniest Memes About the Queen of England Meeting Princess Diana in Heaven

Funniest Memes About the Queen of England Meeting Princess Diana in Heaven

God save the Queen
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Article explaining the phenomenon of whisper memes, dank memes, stupid memes.

A Brief History of Whisper Memes and Why They’re a Return to Form

Whisper's gone ironypilled.
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Ironic Tweet About Lego Princess Leia's Missing Cleavage Causes Mayhem on Twitter

First they came for Lola Bunny . Then they took the sexy green M&M from us. Now they're after Lego Princess Leia's cleavage??? (Disclaimer: I am making a joke. I do not sincerely have any strong opinions about the de-sexualization of brand mascots and cartoon characters.) It seems that it's difficult to tell these days which ridiculous hot takes on Twitter are earnest and which are simply making fun of the sort of dumb takes that tend to go viral. When @asjonesy99 recently posted an obviously s…
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Funny Times Heartfelt Messages Came From Unwholesome Sources

The fact that Reddit makes it impossible for its users to change their usernames is both cruel and hilarious. It's fun to think about how all the teenaged trolls in 2005 who chose crass usernames for a laugh are now thirty-somethings making heartfelt points about serious issues from accounts called “I_Like_Boobies_69” and “StinkyButthole420." There are so many examples of funny times the username didn't check out that there's a whole subreddit called r/rimjob_steve dedicated to documenting thes…
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Ironic Sigma Memes That Poke Fun At Hustle Culture

Transform your mindset into a grindset
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memes, reddit, funny memes, dirty, wholesome, inappropriate, sentimental, aww, funny, username, juxtaposition, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny comments, youtube, irony, sexual | FuckMelnTheAssDaddy 3h 1 Award Also, friendly reminder are human, not tool, and purpose is not be "useful exist and is enough justification existence. Reply 284 greycubed 2h 1 Award Wholesome as always, FuckMelnTheAssDaddy. | Fart_McFart_Fart 7h Tell her rooting her. Reply 85 TashInAwe 7h Just told her "Honey, Fart Mc

Sincere & Heartfelt Messages From Obscene Usernames

Unlikely internet moments of wholesomeness
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Who's The Snowflake Generation Now?

Funny meme that reads, "Back in my day we weren't so easily offended; Back in your day: ..." above a black-and-white photo of people protesting hippies
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Funny ironic moments and photos

Thirteen Amusing Photos Oozing With Irony

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Funny memes, ironic memes, ironic fishing memes, fishing memes, bass pro memes.

Ironic Fishing Memes Are Our Supremely Dank Catch Of The Week

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hipser millennials

28 Cringey Times Hipsters Reached Peak Millennial

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hipster memes

15 Smug Hipster Memes And Posts That Are, Like, Totally Ironic

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Damn, That's Dark

Funny tweet about firefighters eating sausage made from pigs they saved.
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Well, That's Fitting

youtube irony funny blink 182 - 9150842112
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Did He Rob Banks?

Home Alone adult irony image - 8996106752
Via stability

If You Say So, Pepsi

Memes irony image - 8989036544
Via pain76

Hope You Can Afford an Unpaid Internship

image irony packaging - 8818669312
Via ElfenSky
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