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Ice Cold Patrick Bateman Memes For Confirmed Sigma Bales

Built different
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Article explaining the phenomenon of whisper memes, dank memes, stupid memes.

A Brief History of Whisper Memes and Why They’re a Return to Form

Whisper's gone ironypilled.
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Absurd And Strangely Poetic Memes Of Robert Downey Jr. Commenting On Things

Such wisdom
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20 Times Meme Formats Were Hilariously Misused

Delightfully dumb anti-memes
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20+ 'Bone-Hurting' Memes That Poke Fun at Overused Meme Templates

The meme that started it all (via u/kirbizia ) r/BoneHurtingJuice is one of our favorite caches of irony-posting, excessively literal memes, and misused templates . Scrolling through the subreddit feels like watching an absurd comedy that's bit off-putting at first, but gets exponentially funnier with repetition. So which memes are eligible for ' bone hurting juice ' status? The subreddit paints a picture in their 'about' section: 'Imagine you're a 10 year old kid who just discovered the intern…
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22 Bone-Hurting Memes That Are Absurdly Literal

Pass the bone hurting juice
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52 Vintage Memes & Rage Comics From The Old Meme Archive

A wild ride through internet history
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doge, doge memes, cheems memes, funny memes, shitposts, ironic memes, dank memes, funny, lol, memes, dogecoin | SINCERE RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL VIEWS ARE NO MATCH MY DOZEN LAYERS OF IRONY | Hey, buddy got present! Go on, open s thought- translator collar hope like please doge spent my life savings on any annoyance So birthday much innacurrate such uncomfortable very lies

33 Classic Doge Memes To Celebrate The Rise Of Dogecoin

Wow. Such meme. Much funny.
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Stupid ironic sex memes, sex isn't real, impact font, reddit memes | GUYS HAVE DID CALCULATIONS NATURAL Lm 5EX-0 MSTORGE DRGSMalh FALSE SMI MODE SETUP SEX IS NOT REAL calculator | find out sex is more than just holding hands Wikihow illustration woman gagging

30 Ironic Sex Memes Filled With Stupidity

Face, meet palm.
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That would be funny i think memes, bad jokes, bad puns, stupid memes, ironic memes | IF PENNIES SPELT LIKE PEENIES WOULD BE FUNNY THINK Disney's Hercules | GUYS IMAGINE IF ALGEBRA SPELT ALGEBRUH WOULD BE FUNNY THINK lion riding a bike

'That Would Be Funny' Memes Are Incredibly Dumb And Packed With Irony

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Funny memes from wreck it ralph, sarcastic memes, ironic memes, why do i fix everything i touch | China giving women rights after starving 30 Million their own people Why do fix everything touch? | after supporting my crush through her breakup just her go back her ex: Why do fix everything touch?

'Why Do I Fix Everything I Touch' Memes Are Overflowing With Irony

Thank you, Wreck It Ralph.
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Funny "inside you there are two wolves memes" | black and white wolves side by side INSIDE THERE ARE TWO KNEES ONE IS BAD OTHER ONE IS GOOD ARE OLD | INSIDE THERE ARE TWO WOLVES ONE IS FURSONA OTHER ONE IS FURSONA ARE FURRY

Metaphorical Memes About The Two Wolves Inside You

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Funny memes, dank memes, swole doge vs. cheems memes, shiba inus, dog memes, ironic memes, joker memes | Journalists 1950s: Journalist now mafia might kill but Fl follow story anyways Some gamer called gay sol need 1 month vacation | My dad at 17 at 17: Darling im home are kids? Damm wish were cute anime girl

'Swole Doge Vs. Cheems' Memes Are Packed With Comparitive Hilarity

Never enough doge.
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funny memes of animals in stores, what will they buy | HOLDUP BIRD DA DRIVE THRU WILL HE ORDER: cockatoo looking out a car window at a McDonald's drive thru. mama duck and her ducklings: DUCKS SHOP THEY GONNA BUY? idiot they don't have money

'X in the Y, What Will He Do?' Memes Are Our Favorite Kind Of Shipost

The dumber the better.
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I just found a picture of your grandfather memes, dank memes, sexist

'I Found A Picture Of Your Grandfather' Memes Are Ironic Shitposts With Problematic Themes

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Funny memes about fishing

Funny Fishing Memes For When You'd Rather Be Casting

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