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People Discuss The Most Risky Places For Americans to Travel

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of traveling to North Korea. This was obviously before the case of Otto Warmbier, whose death led to the ban on Americans traveling to the country. This was more in the era of The Interview and the widespread fear of Seth Rogan leading to nuclear war. There were so many VICE documentaries that explained North Korean culture, and I watched all of them. I logically knew that traveling to North Korea was not the brightest idea, but I was 14 years old…
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Video about Will Ferrell's package, crotch, getting censored by Iran

That Time Iran Tried To Hide Will Ferrell's Crotch With CGI

Oh, yeah. That time.
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funny memes about january 2020, australia fires, wuhan coronavirus, henry cavill | spongebob meme *2020 starts* Australia: fire Iran and USA: war China: AM SICK Venice: flood made with mematic. realize 2020 has 11 more months patrick star sweater Mom come pick up scared

Fresh Memes That Sum Up January 2020

It's been a MONTH.
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Assorted memes from the r/dankmemes subreddit, dank memes, edgy memes, spicy memes, memes about war, iran memes, meme about wwii art schools featuring michael scott from the office, despicable me meme | gru pointing a gun: Oh so U.S? Name every oil field. smiling michael scott: Art schools looking at any painting after WWIII LOVE !

Fresh & Dank Memes With The Right Amount Of Edge

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Yeah, So Helpful

Funny meme that reads, "*Global conflict breaks out;* people: ..." above a still of Danny DeVito saying, "So anyway, I started meme-ing"
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funny memes about video games, gaming memes, dank memes, funny comics, gaming comics, web comics, fornite, halo, star wars, witcher memes, henry cavill, the witcher, netflix | Call Duty Players ready fight WWII Respawn and Health Regeneration has been disabled. grand moff tarkin: GAME UNFREEZES AS SOON AS OPEN TASK MANAGER Fear will keep them line.

Fresh AF Gaming Memes From All Over The Internet

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Would Watch

funny memes, stupid memes, random memes, dank memes, iran, united states, wwiii, karens | "i need to speak to the manager of Iran" return of Karen
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She's our only hope.
Funny dank memes about Switzerland during a hypothetical World War III | Switzerland during World War II: woman in a shirt that says JUST HOPE BOTH TEAMS HAVE FUN. pics of a person representing Switzerland jumping between walls: floor is World War III.

Switzerland's Neutrality Roasted With Dank Memes About World War III

About time to pack up and move to Switzerland we think.
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We Ride At Dawn

Funny 'Me and the Boys' meme that reads, "Me and the boys pulling up to World War III" above a pic of the boys riding a militarized Cybertruck
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funny tweetes about getting drafted in world war three, world war III, donald trump | tweet by fc_1869 healthy 18-30 year old male and see #WorldWarThree trending chuckles danger. pic of three pregnant women tweet by VictoriacNieves and my girls hear women might get drafted ww111

Everyone's Tweeting About Getting Drafted In WWIII

We're all pregnant.
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Funny and dank memes about the potential for a World War III | army recruiter showing my IG videos benching 225 lbs after told him physically unable perform war. the jig meme: Germany realizing they are not guilty this world war:

Potential For 'World War 3' Is Sparking Some Nervous Reaction Memes

Oh boy, here we go.
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Funny memes about Presiddent Trump tweet to Iranian president Rouhani.

Trump's Aggro Tweet To Iranian President Is Getting Meme'd Like Crazy

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CNN News Coverage July 2009

cnn coverage Death election iran iraq michael jackson news serial killers usa - 2377756928
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Some Serious Duckface

burka duck face funny iran - 7901834752

Going Down?

submarine gay seal iran - 6830033408
Created by HaouJudai

What Are You Even Saying?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nuclear weapons iran - 6795948032
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