My Little Plastic Heroes

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The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Music ipod cds swag computer guy - 7799940096
Created by ScreamoSolider

Context is Important

radio bar graphs ipod graphs funny - 4458012416
Created by Vilame

Where Stabbing and Music Meet

blade Music wtf ipod apple - 7604678656

Screw You, Shuffle

shuffle Music are you kidding me ipod - 7589308928
Created by RIPNightman

iPod Rage

ipod all the things - 7576663040
Created by chelseadee57

Even if it Was at 50% a Minute Ago

ipod Bar Graph batteries graphs funny - 7507899648
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

I Need to Update My Playlists

shuffle Music ipod venn diagrams graphs funny - 4491349760
Created by HaloMasterApollo

Shuffle? What's the Point?

shuffle Music ipod graphs funny - 4496077056
Created by iknowthatyouknowthatiknowthatyouknow

Jesus My Taste Sucked!

Music ipod oh god why - 7422572288
Created by burstn2flames

How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend

boyfriend Music ipod relationships dating - 7353900800
Created by kopelia

The Ultimate Listening Device

ipod Game of Thrones - 7354979328

Help! Can't Sing!

ipod singing yahoo answers - 7137159680
Created by anna_marie

Damn It, Apple

ipod apple - 7111237376

I Don't Know Why I Bother

shuffle ipod Pie Chart - 7012289536
Created by kittycomeplay123

Deal With It, iPod Users

ipod TV band - 7083151360