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Fifteen Camouflage Memes For Those Who Prefer To Be Inconspicuous

These memes will never not be funny.
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Funny tweet that reads, "I drew a ninja" above a blank image
Via anlyin

Obviously Some Of You Didn't Complete The Homework

Funny tweet that reads, "Welcome back to invisibility class. It's pretty disappointing to see so many of you here"
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That Is One Thing You Could Do, Yes

Text conversation where person 1 says, "What's the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?" and person 2 says, "I would probably fly to Paris, find a street-performing mime, and beat him to death...the applause he would get would be astounding"
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clothes hilarious invisible wtf - 5988905984
Created by anselmbe

The Invisible Man

news invisible prank - 7072350464
Created by Unknown

They Can't See Me Rollin'

arkham origins invisible batman - 7890262784
Created by Unknown


nips invisible joe biden - 8459987712
Created by Unknown

I Want an Invisible Car!

wonder woman car invisible funny - 8321225216
Created by Unknown

Magic Invisible Girl!

forever alone are you kidding me relationships invisible Okay dating - 7700670976
Created by Unknown

So Many Ninjas

ninjas invisible - 4500429568
Created by dantona

Troll Bait Hobbit

amazon review The Hobbit Invisible Bilbo Baggins Action Figure (Amazon Exclusive) by The Hobbit 63 of 72 people found the following review helpful I don't understand. Have I received this action fiqure or not?, 18 Oct 2012 By sazzasarah See all my reviews = Durability: n = Fun: n = Educational: This review is from: The Hobbit Invisible Bilbo Baggins Action Figure (Amazon Exclusive) (Toy) I bought this action figure but have literally n
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The Invisible Hockey Player

sports hockey invisible perfectly timed - 7074803712
Created by Unknown
car drive thru invisible Video sequel prank - 47087873

Invisible Driver Prank 2

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Fools the Ref Every Time

punch invisible basketball - 3451035136
See all captions Created by meatballrules


cat invisible hiding - 6982188544
Created by meganeguard
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