Twitter User Uncovers Evidence That Belle Delphine's Mugshot Is Fake

Yesterday we reported that infamous e-girl and ahegao wannabe Belle Delphine had posted her "mugshot" to Twitter. Delphine wrote that she had been arrested, but provided very little background until claiming that she had been arrested for vandalizing the car of someone who stole her beloved hamster. 

Even with the explanation, many Twitter and Instagram users had a difficult time believing the mugshot was real. Twitter user Josh Pescatore went a step further than most and investigated Delphine's claims after contacting the Metropolitan Police Twitter account. After a reverse image search yielded no results (this implies the photo was one of her own,) the Metropolitan Police Twitter account claimed they did not recognize the watermark on the e-girls alleged mugshot. Super fishy. It would seem that the mugshot is just another publicity stunt from the slinger of Gamer Girl Bathwater - and we cannot say we're surprised. Stay tuned for more updates.

Twitter user finds more proof that belle delphine's mugshot is probably fake.
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