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'So much in this world could be driven by a 3.5mm audio jack': 25+ of the the most underrated inventions we couldn't live without

There are so many
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Scientists Invent 'Liquid Trees', Get Roasted by Twitter

What was wrong with the original
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'Leave your phone here and go be present': Ad for Fancy Phone Prison Gets Mocked by Twitter

Innovation of the century
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Gamers React After Dude Makes Xbox Controller Out Of Fisher Price Toy

Starting 'em young
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Madlad Demonstrating His 'iPhone Quick-Draw System' Is the Stuff YouTube Was Made for

A little slice of classic YouTube
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Funny dank memes entitled "When Was Calcium Invented?"

Stupid Dank Memes About When Stuff Was Invented

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Funny meme that reads, "When you realize that the shovel was literally a groundbreaking invention"
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Who Is This Absolute Genius?

Caption that reads, "This gotta be the greatest invention I've seen in years" above a pic of someone frying with a large soda bottle covering their hand as to not get hot grease on their skin
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This 'Electricity' Business Sounds Like BS To Me...

Caption that reads, "I'd love to go back in time and blow people's minds with my incredible knowledge" above an illustration of a modern guy sitting among people from Jesus' time who are asking, "But how do you make this 'electricity?' Modern guy replies, "I don't know"
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What's the Difference?

web comics invention evil twin What's the Difference?
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robots invention vending machine Video - 76813057

This Woman's Latest Terrifying Invention is a Set of Knives That Chop

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lego McDonald's invention food Video win - 76637185

There is No Reason You Wouldn't Be McLovin' This Incredible LEGO McNugget Vending Machine

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web comics inventions Progress!
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Suptle Marketing

invention web comics Suptle Marketing
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alarm invention sleeping Video win - 75799809

Don't Snooze On This Alarm Clock, It Will Slap You Awake

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flight invention jetpack Video the future win - 75764993

Just Cruising Around in an Authentic JetPack, NBD

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