Stupid Dank Memes About When Stuff Was Invented

Like with the inception of most dank memes, you might find yourself wondering, wtf. Well, good thing you have us here to describe how the strangest memes became popular; this particular meme, entitled "When Was Calcium Invented?" got its start in October when someone posted a meme to Reddit showing that someone had Googled when calcium was invented (1808, as it turns out). From there on out, dank memers have taken it upon themselves to show what life was like before the inventions of various things. All in sarcastic nature, of course.

Funny dank memes entitled "When Was Calcium Invented?"
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It takes some balls to carry this backpack.

This giant realistic scrotum backpack was spotted about a year ago and posted to Reddit. "I want one of these," said no one.

So the creator decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to mass produce these testicular totes.

Daniel Bitton has started an Indiegogo campaign to bring more of his "Scrote'n'Totes" to life.

"As a result, out of a sense of profound humanitarianism, I and several friends have had to interrupt our lives in order to fully dedicate our lives to the production of lifelike, hideous, giant scrotum backpacks," he writes.

The Scrote'n'Tote will come in both dark and light colors, and will retail for $120 once funded.

However, only $41 of the $33,000 needed to fund the project has been raised so far. So if you want a Scrote'n'Tote, you better crack open that piggy bank.